Master in Interior Design Online

Master in Interior Design Online


Training course

The objective of the Interior Design Course is to complete professionals knowledge ,make them able to set up living and business spaces, to choose the furnishing elements, to realize graphic and computerized representations, without never lose sight of the dominant trends and tastes on the market. During the course, the students will acquire historical and technical knowledge on interior design, under the guidance of renowned teachers, tackling issues related to art, fashion, communication and architecture.
Making contemporary spaces is a task that requires skill and taste: the places where we live, work, or spend our free time must arouse emotion, facilitate the creation of relationships and the development of creativity. For this reason, interior design must respond to the different needs of comfort and individual expression, aggregation and efficiency, identity creation and communicative impact.
The master's student will explore new possibilities, putting into practice the skills acquired during the classroom already in the project work, focused on innovation and on the consolidation of acquired notions. The student will have a global and concrete perception of the changes taking place on the market , learning to read the signals that anticipate new trends, by developing a design project starting from the concept and the technical and material choices, passing through the study of colors, volumes and surfaces, to reach rendering 3D., the student will have a global and concrete perception of the changes taking place in the market, learning to read the signs that anticipate new trends.
Among the field that are part of the interior designer activity, in addition to the traditional spaces of the house, offices and reception facilities, commercial spaces such as shops, showrooms and exhibition stands have gained enormous attention: spaces in which the designer provides its technical and stylistic know-how to meet the needs of corporate communication and product marketing. technical and stylistic know-how to meet the institutional communication and product marketing needs of companies.

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Do you want to become an interior designer?
IDI's Master in Interior Design Online is a full-immersion professional training course that will enable you to learn advanced design techniques, learning how to manage an interior design project in all its phases.

What you will learn

  • Living spaces design
  • Exhibition spaces design
  • Commercial spaces design
  • Installations and problems
  • Materials and furnishing accessories
  • Notions of Bio-architecture
  • Notions of lighting engineering
  • Design software


Design software


Installations and problems

Thermohydral and electrical system from an architectural and scenography point of view.
The main artificial light sources: physical, luminous and electric characteristics
Lighting equipment: components and accessories

Materials and furnishings

Fixed and mobile furnishing accessories
Floors and walls
Plasters and painting
How to choose materials in the design phases: main selection criteria
Composite materials and their use
Metals, traditional and innovative ceramics, glass and wood

Living and commercial spaces design

Design of the spaces
Decoration of the single rooms
Mansards, taverns, gardens and terraces
Use of small spaces
How to match styles
Color psychology
The technical report, the estimate and metric calculation
Elements of lighting technology
Notions of Bio-architecture

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Job opportunities

The knowledge acquired during the training course of this interior design course will enable the student to successfully exercise the profession, entering the market as a freelancer, or within the design and furniture industry, in design and interior design studios. Alternative outlets include the professions of draftsman and CAD designer of interiors and technician of virtual modelling of living and commercial spaces.

Phases of the route

  • Preliminary lessons: teaching material
  • Virtual classroom phase: 96 hours, from 13 January to 1 April 2023 every Friday and Saturday
  • Project work
  • Internship phase: 300 hours at partner companies in the participant's region of interest (optional)


Possibility of financing the enrolment fee Video CV editing and updating for dissemination to companies in the sector at the end of the training course in the candidate's region of preference.

How to apply

Fill out the information request form and we will contact you within a few days. In the selection of candidates the scholastic CV, work experience and motivational letter will be considered. It is possible and advisable to send a portfolio of previous works. The examining commission, considering these elements, will communicate the result of the selection and the admission to the Course.

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Course partners


Designer, trainer, specialising in 3D modelling and rendering in the field of architecture, furniture and design.

A lecturer at La Sapienza faculty in Rome on the Industrial Design degree course, Marco Amadio has long been involved in mould-making processes in thermosetting materials. A consultant and designer for industries in the Transportation Design sector, he deals with the creation of 3D models and optimisation processes in the production of moulds for series production. He has received several awards in the field of Naval Design, with the Verve 36 project, realised for the Azimut Benetti group, and the Boat of the Year Award 2010. Marco Amadio is a materials expert and ARTC MCNEEL.


Luca Solazzo was born in Rome, where he graduated in Architecture at La Sapienza University, with a thesis in Industrial Design entitled 'The places of pause in working environments'. In 2005, he obtained a 2nd level Master's degree in Lighting Design. He dedicates himself to research and experimentation, participating in national and international design seminars, as well as in several architecture and design competitions, including the winning project of the National Design Competition on offices of the future "Ufficio Ideale". Lecturer in architecture at La Sapienza University in Rome and Camerino University in Ascoli. He has participated in several television programmes on interior design, including "Case e Stili" (Alice TV channel) and "Work in Progress" (Sky TV channel). In addition to his freelance activities as a planner and project manager, he also works as a designer, designing and producing furnishing accessories, some of which are on sale in specialised shops. Many of his works have been the subject of publications in the main magazines of the sector including: l'Arca, Ottagono, Abitare, Inside Quality Design, Progetti, Ambiente Casa, Casa 99 Idee. He founded the Luca Solazzo Architettura e Design studio in 2000. He has collaborated for several museums on lighting and installations. He is currently active in the field of interior architecture and residential and commercial research and design, in Rome and throughout Italy.

Sonia Santella is a garden designer, blogger and freelance journalist. She holds a Bachelor of arts degree from Stockholm University and is currently a member of a Scandinavian landscape research network. She completed her training at theQuasar Design University Institute in Rome, specialising in the design of public and private green spaces. He has been writing specialised articles in the field of landscape architecture for about ten years and cultivates a passion for garden photography by collaborating with Italian and Swedish magazines. In 2009, he published his first book, entitled Gardens of Sweden. Green passion and culture from the 19th century to the present day and in 2012 Royal Gardens of Sweden. An enchanted journey through art and nature.


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