Master's Degree for Interior Designer: becoming a professional between architecture and design


Interior shot of Dining space, in a personalized residence designed by Architect Damith Premathilake. (please Credit the Architect if you are using it for commercial purposes) Used Camera - Xiaomi Mi A3.

Lhe profession of interior designer is among the most sought-after by young talents all over the world. He is a creative figure whose job is to conceive, plan and design. His or her skill lies primarily in knowing how to make use of available spaces and reinvent them so that they become functional, practical and aesthetically pleasing.
Versatility, sensitivity, curiosity and open-mindedness are the characteristics that make the difference for this role. Today, a student who aims to become an interior designercan choose between several routes: follow a Master in Interior Design can be an excellent training opportunity.

What tasks does an Interior Designer perform?


brown wooden cabinet near green and white table

The figure of the interior designer is definitely topical, but what tasks does it perform?
Using a simile, we could call him a director: theInterior designer organises, supervises and perfects all those aspects that affect the renovation, improvement or creation of an environment.
With technical as well as creative skills, a Interior designer can guide the client in the choice of certain solutions that could improve a space in terms of practicality, brightness or changeability: this professional combines technical knowledge and perspective drawing with an excellent knowledge of art history and lighting engineering, through solutions and graphic previews, usually with a 3D rendering or illustrations.
An interior designer is above all someone who is able to show the potential of spaces in a new and surprising way.

What is the difference between interior design and interior decoration?

black laptop computer on table

The difference between interior design e interior decoration is that design provides for the functionality and usability of the available spaces, while decoration aims to make the appearance of the environment interesting without taking care of all the planning and usability of places. Interior design also deals with aspects such as lighting, acoustics and temperature. In terms of knowledge, theInterior designer can sometimes also be an architect. The decorator, on the other hand, works to make a space more pleasing according to the client's taste, but does not necessarily have to be familiar with building practices or building permits to do his or her job. The Interior DesignerHe also works closely with other professionals, such as contractors or architects if he does not perform this role himself. The decorator, not being involved in structural work, usually works independently.

How to become an interior designer?

To become an expert in interior designvarious requirements, which may vary:

  • Strong aesthetic sense
  • Basics of architecture, art history and design
  • Good knowledge of marketing
  • Mastery of image editing and 3D modelling software
  • Basic knowledge of hydraulics and lighting technology
  • A period of apprenticeship to acquire specific skills.

A good education is undoubtedly indispensable. It is possible to take a university degree or follow Master for Interior Designeror both.

The Master in Interior Design of the Italian Design Institute

The body of higher education Italian Design InstituteAmong its training offers, it promotes a full-immersion professional training course that allows you to learn advanced design techniques, learning how to manage an interior design project in all its phases.

The Master in Interior Design at IDI explores different branches :

  • Living spaces design
  • Exhibition spaces design
  • Commercial spaces design
  • Installations and problems
  • Materials and furnishing accessories
  • Notions of Bio-architecture
  • Notions of lighting engineering
  • Design software

At the end of the course, participants will be awarded three certificates:

  • Certificate of attendance classroom phase
  • Project Work Certificate
  • Certificate of attendance Internship








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