Irene Guerrieri and three students from the IDI Toys Design course land on TV


'Once upon a time' is the beginning that befits the telling of an extraordinary story, often with a happy ending and with a message enclosed between the lines; a story in which, amidst vicissitudes, extraordinary journeys and continuous discoveries, the growth of a character, who is the protagonist of that story, is described.

The story we want to tell today is that of three of our students who, after participating in our Postgraduate course in Toys Design and after perfecting, under the guidance of a great teacher such as Irene Guerrieritechniques and approaches to toy design, reached their first milestone: participation in the "Toy Inventor' on Real Time.

Toy Inventor, the programme on Real Time dedicated to Toys Designers

On air from 29 October, every Sunday at 15.30 on channel 31, Toy Inventor is the first monothematic reality show, dedicated to the inventors of toys and led by Flavio Montrucchio.

The programme sees as many as 28 participants competing in the five scheduled episodes for the chance to see their creation realised for Precious Games and displayed on shop shelves. A dream for any self-respecting toy designer and also for no less than three former students on the IDI course: Arianna Fricano, Claudia Barone and Marina Califano.

They are three of the 28 budding toy designers, who are showcasing their talent and the knowledge and skills they have acquired during their training, combined with a good dose of enthusiasm and a lot of creativity.

Irene Guerrieri among the Toy Inventors on Real Time

Among the competitors, also Irene Guerrieri, toy designer highly experienced and a lecturer on the IDI course, with important collaborations behind him with various established companies in the sector such as Sevi, Trudi, Prenatal, Thun, Beleduc, Lisciani giochi, Headu, Dal Negro and many others. 

Among his most important formative experiences was his friendship with Bruno Munari, which certainly left a decisive mark on his subsequent professional activity. He has produced and designed for Asian companies and has done the illustration as well as the conception and design of entire toy-book series that form a salient part of his entire activity. 

"Recording these first episodes of the programme was a really playful and fun experience," said Irene . - It was great to spend a day recording and comparing notes with the other toy inventors, as well as seeing how a programme is built. The little kids on the jury were very good and critical, in perfect line with the aim of the programme. Another very interesting aspect is the fact that the group of participants is heterogeneous: there are very young budding toy designers and many professionals from the world of gaming and this is making this continuous confrontation even more appealing"..

A very special jury

Judging the different creations are they, the little ones, who represent the "Toy Inventor 'quality juryexpertly guided by Flavio Montrucchio.

A 'technical jury', consisting of a commercial director, a marketing director and a CEO, is then called upon to evaluate each creation according to criteria of safety, production costs, appeal and playability and may decide to fish out one or more inventors and bring them back into the game. 

On behalf of the Italian Design Institute goes to Irene Guerrieri and the three former students a big good luck for this experience, may it give them new enrichment opportunities for their careers.


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