Ferrari Monza unveiled: the most powerful racing car created in Maranello


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In front of a small select group of dealers and customers, Ferrari unveiled its new sports car, what has already been described as the most powerful car in the Cavallino. It was called Ferrari Monza and will only be produced in two versions, SP1 e SP2which respectively indicate the structures single-seater e two-seater.

From design innovative, without windscreen and roof, this Italian bolide will be driven obligatorily with a helmet by those few enthusiasts and collectors. According to initial rumours, in fact, production examples of the Ferrari Monza will be just 500. It is essentially a racing car in its own right. Despite the initial intention not to leak any images, inevitably the first photos were posted on some social networks and went viral on the web.

The design of the Ferrari Monza.

La bodywork is inspired by the Ferrari 812 Superfastas reported by allmotoriwebbut also to the Ferrari 750 Monza of 1955, a racing car without a roof, just like the new Ferrari Monza. Very fast, snappy, it has extraordinary performance. It can reach 100 kilometres in just 2.9 seconds and 200 kilometres in 7.9 seconds. The speed top speed is 340 km/h and unleashes incredible power thanks to 810 hp and a total displacement of 6496 cm3.

As for the interiors, its Ferrari Monza has every control within easy reach. The driver and passenger compartment (in the SP2 version) are made of carbon fibre. The steering wheel is small in size while the yellow tachometer is much larger. The belts, as safety dictates, are real shoulder harnesses, while the design of the racing seats complete the interior of the new Rossa di Maranello in an elegant and equally sporty way.

Here is the data sheet

Total displacement 6496 cm3
Maximum power 603 kW (810 hp) at 8500 rpm
Maximum torque 719 Nm at 7000 rpm

Length 4657 mm
Width 1996 mm
Height 1155 mm
Dry weight 1500 kg (SP1), 1520 kg (SP2)

0-100 km/h 2.9 sec
0-200 km/h 7.9 sec
Maximum speed >300 km/h


Photo from Instagram profile heartferrari

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