Cupid design: walls as a source of inspiration


Whether you love art or are just looking to decorate your home, the Cupid Design wall printsThey will immediately create a new environment and have a strong impact on your daily life. Renovating and furnishing with personality thanks to Cupid Design is quick and easy: each product is a unique project, built on history, research, development and, just like a work of art, originality.

Wall prints: unusual works of art

When furnishing a house we focus mainly on the furniture, the style and colour it should have, very often forgetting the walls: in reality, these are a fundamental element capable of giving identity and definition to a house or more simply to an individual room. A wall can be considered as a blank canvas to be customised in a thousand different ways: the wall prints are among the latest trends in theInterior Design. There are various styles that can be recreated and themes to choose from: fashion, iconic photos, art prints, nature, botany, illustrations, and there are various types of frames, ergonomic and versatile, that can be hung vertically or horizontally: from the more discreet white or black ones that give importance to the chosen image, to the metallic ones in gold, copper or black finish, to the elegant and natural oak ones.

A business card the size of a wall to tell and enhance

'If these walls could talk' is a classic saying referring to the secrets hidden inside every home: the wall prints are not simply ways to disguise wall imperfections or act as decoration; a picture can be worth a thousand words and can achieve the ambitious project of giving voice to the walls. When printing a business card, one sometimes fears that there is little space available; the number of characters in print advertising inevitably represents a limitation.
Imagine, on the other hand, having a card the size of a wall... but wall prints are not exclusive to business customers: domestic walls also lend themselves perfectly to these decorations.

The Interior Design Course of the Italian Design Institute

Besides prints, there are many possibilities for decorating a wall: pictures, shelves, bookcases, lamps, wall units, wallpaper.
Through learning the most modern techniques of Interior Design, participants in the Italian Design Institute Interior Design Course will learn how to organise and optimise interior spaces of all kinds. Under the guidance of lecturers who are experts in the field, and tackling topics related to art, fashion, communication and architecture in a transversal manner, the students will be able to manage a design project in all its phases. From historical overviews starting from the dawn of Interior Design, to design with software: the Italian Design Institute proposal is complete and innovative.
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