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Postgraduate Course in Green Indoor Design Online

Postgraduate Course in Green Indoor Design Online


Training course

The interior green represents today a real design approach as well as a philosophy aimed at the living well-being of the spaces. The green now becomes, more and more frequently, the protagonist of the interiors enriching the environments of houses, offices, restaurants, hotels, public places. The aim is to bring nature back into the highly urbanized places through architecture. This need for nature in everyday life, able to give benefits to those who use it, is decreeing the victory of the use of green as a key element in an interior project. It is fundamental to propose conscious and harmonious solutions with the reference context, through the implementation of professional choices. The choice of green for interiors is strictly tied to the choice of plant species, to the characteristics of the places, elements to be taken into consideration for the correct design choices.
The objective of the Green Indoor Specialization is to train a highly qualified professional figure, with skills in interior green design. The Specialization in Indoor Green aims to transmit working methods, as well as specific knowledge in the reference sector, thanks to the know-how made available by professionals in the field through the discussion of a specific educational program structured in such a way as to develop all the phases of the realization of an indoor green project so as to be a winner.


Do you want to become an indoor green designer?
IDI's Online Specialisation in Indoor Green Design is a highly specialised course that will enable you to learn advanced techniques in indoor green design, learning how to manage a project in all its phases.

What you will learn

  • Architectural green
  • Green roofs
  • Vertical green
  • Vertical garden
  • Indoor plant


Architectural green
  • Interrelation between wall, garden or vertical walls
The function of shapes and volumes in the green project
Green roofs
  • Diffuse permeability applied to green roof
  • Botanical aspects of the compositions, between intensive and extensive green roof
  • Analysis of installation and maintenance issues
  • Case histories: realization and execution of works
Vertical green
  • Green wall with vines and planters
  • Botanical aspects of the compositions, between seasonal wall and evergreen wall
  • Analysis of installation and maintenance issues
  • Case histories: realization and execution of works
Vertical garden
  • Realization of vertical green, differences between parietal green and vertical garden
  • Natural composition applied to the vertical garden
  • Botanical aspects of the compositions, between north and south exposure, between indoor and outdoor
  • Definition of urban planning
  • Analysis of installation and maintenance issues
  • Case histories: realization and execution of works
Green indoor
  • Indoor plants and their maintenance
  • Leading plants and compositions in groups
  • Colors and materials in indoor green projects
  • Containers choice
Gardens and terraces: the green project
green plant on white ceramic pot

Job opportunities

The Specialisation Course in Indoor Green Design Online is aimed at all green designers, interior designers, architects, and industry enthusiasts who wish to develop specialised skills in the field of indoor green design. All skills acquired can be spent in the creation of green settings for interiors of homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, public and commercial facilities. The indoor green expert can exercise his profession as a freelancer or collaborate with green design studios offering consultancy for renovation work or the creation from scratch of gardens, terraces, and interiors of private, commercial, hotel, and resort spaces.

Phases of the course

Preliminary lessons: teaching material
Online classroom phase: 24 hours online from 14.00 to 18.00 every Wednesday and Friday

Project Work Phase


Possibility of financing the enrolment fee Video CV editing and updating for dissemination to companies in the sector at the end of the training course in the candidate's region of preference.

How to apply

Fill out the information request form and we will contact you within a few days. In the selection of candidates the scholastic CV, work experience and motivational letter will be considered. It is possible and advisable to send a portfolio of previous works. The examining commission, considering these elements, will communicate the result of the selection and the admission to the Course by filling the application form.

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