Living Coral, the Pantone colour 2019.


The coming year is tinged with coral, indeed with Living Coral. This is in fact the Pantone colour 2019 which will be officially announced at midnight on 31 December. The colour of the year presents itself with all its elegant and delicate freshness, invading the design 2019.
From furniture to furnishing accessories, from seating to vases, and of course in fashion, it is a riot of coral, a shade that "represents the fusion of modern life, constantly around us in the real world and at the same time vibrantly present on social media.
But the Living Coral also pays homage to nature, as was already the case with the Greenery of last year. Instead of green plants and trees, this time the coral reef triumphs, and immediately the thought goes to the attention and sensitivity that man should have towards nature and the oceans, which have been so 'mistreated' especially in recent times.

The DesignTherefore, it becomes an instrument for reflection, an opportunity to talk about bigger issues.
With its sophistication, the Pantone colour 2019 enhances rooms, giving them a feminine soul with a strong personality. Thus the Living Coral really gets everyone along, with its 'sociable and lively essence' that 'encourages us to do things in a light spirit. It symbolises our innate need for optimism and joy-seeking, it represents our desire for playfulness'.

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