Landscape designer or garden designer?


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]I confini tra i settori professionali sono diventati labili. Con il fiorire di nuovi job titlewhich often play on the magniloquence of definitions or the suggestion of new trend labels, it is now difficult to clearly identify professionals and their competences. Who designs and supervises a green space, for example, is a landscape designer, a garden designer, a landscape architect, or an exterior designer? Let's try to shed some light on this by starting from what is now the world's largest and most widely used encyclopaedia, Wikipedia (in the English version, which is more extensive and reliable, translated into Italian).

Landscape architecture focuses on urban green planning, the design of green spaces and city or regional parks. The landscape architect has a degree in architecture, oversees large-scale, often interdisciplinary projects, supervising the various technical suppliers and ensuring that the entire process is carried out within the timeframe of the contract (or call for tenders) respecting in every detail the project submitted to and approved by the client.

Landscape design is an independent profession and an artistic tradition that combines nature and culture. In its contemporary practice, landscape design bridges the gap between landscape architecture and garden design, focusing both on landscape planning around a property and the design of the green spaces within it. Practical, aesthetic, horticultural and economic sustainability are the most important aspects of the design, which the landscape designer personally follows from the conceptual stages to final realisation.

Landscape Design

There can be a significant overlap of talent and skills between the two rolesdepending on the training, the administrative licences obtained and the experience gained by the professional. Both landscape architects and landscape designers are involved in landscape design, although usually on slightly different scales.

Garden design is the art and process of designing and creating private gardens and parks. The project, from design to realisation, is carried out personally by a professional, the garden designer, who has in-depth knowledge of horticulture and green space design. Occasionally a garden designer may also be a landscape architect. Amateur or professional gardeners can also achieve a high level of competence in garden design. depending on the experience gained or training undertakenqualified masters or working alongside established professionals in the field.

As you can see, the division of competencies between these three professionals is quite clear-cut, and is essentially a matter of scale. Of course, then in practice much depends on the reputation of the professional, his experience in the different fields of application and the effectiveness of his corporate communication. A professional with a clear, transparent and well-told digital presence will in fact be more likely to acquire new customers than someone who hardly exists on the web.

Those who wish to learn more about these topics and start a career as an independent professional in the industry can apply for here more information on our master's degree.

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