Star designers: Oki Sato and Studio Nendo


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Nel 2002 uno studente giapponese di architettura atterra a Linate per visitare la Milan Design Week. What he sees, what he hears and what he feels that week convince him that his life must go in that direction. He too will be a creator of objects capable of changing normality. That student is called Oki Sato and today, 14 years later, at the head of the prestigious Studio Nendois one of the global stars of design.

His Studio Nendo is now a hallmark in projects ranging from sushi chopsticks to shopping centre interior design. Nendo means Crete in Japanese, and it is this natural material, so malleable and versatile, that best symbolises the philosophy behind the firm's work: shaping new forms, infusing the spark of beauty and originality into everyday objects and conventional spaces.

A real design factory employing 25 creative people and 6 project managers and producing more than 200 projects each year. Oki Sato's working method consists of choosing from among his collaborators the designer best suited to a certain brief, and then initiating a two-way dialogue, a brainstorming process that generates the innovative idea, the one that manages to combine elegance, functionality and production sustainability (compared to the expected price range).

The source of his inventiveness stems from theobservation of normality around himfrom the search for the small emotions hiding in the folds of everyday life. A viewpoint from below that produces ideas capable of growing - of rising thanks to the warmth infused by creativity - until they reach the size that suits the individual project. He calls them moments.

Choose only a few works to represent the imprint that Studio Nendo is leaving on the design world is an extremely difficult thing to do. There are really hundreds of projects that could have made it into this photo gallery. We therefore invite fans and students of the interior design courses type the words 'studio nendo works' into the Google image search bar and see for yourself the breadth and relevance of Oki Sato's work.

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