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Sabaudia (LT), dal 5 al 17 Luglio 2021

Do you want to become an naval designer?
The Yacht Design Master is a professional training course that will allow you to learn advanced naval design techniques, how manage a project in all its phases, from concept, to CAD design and to communication and marketing of the final product, interacting with the numerous professional figures involved in boat design.

What you will learn

Nautical design
History and techniques of shipbuilding
Marketing e communication of project
Nautical rules and regulations
Nautical interior design
Materials and technologies
Techniques of representation
Design software
On-board system, sailing equipment

Course program

Nautical design
Characteristics of the boating industry
Boating industry operators
Salon and fairs boat
Consumer psychology in the nautical sector
Naval designer customer

History and techniques of shipbuilding
History of naval design
Classification of vessel types
Terminology of ship design
Dealing with customers
Project briefing

State of the art analysis
How to choose: materials, technologies and production processes
The brand in nautical design
Designer - client relationship
Project and product quality
Industrialization phase
Notes of visual communication
Methods and rules of graphic composition

Nautical rules and regulations

Yachting sector
Regulations and safety on construction sites

Nautical interior design
Furnishing of the cabins
Use of small spaces
How to match styles
Fabrics, curtains, trimmings, blinds
The estimate and the metric calculation
Color psychology

Materials and technologies
Materials, composite ones: how to use
Natural wood: technological properties and qualification criteria, fields of use
Semi-finished products of natural wood; semi-finished products and wood-based panels
Aluminium alloys
Copper alloys
Plastics: types, processes and characteristics
Special alloy
Ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and powder metallurgy; general properties and characteristics; metal processing: forming, cutting and finishing; material breakage; how to impart resistance to metals; Steel, cast iron, copper alloys, d'aluminium alloys, titanium alloys, magnesium alloys: their properties and applications
Traditional and innovative ceramics: properties, processes, types and applications
Glass: types, hints of processing and treatments
The furniture: technology and materials
Furniture and fixtures
Floors and walls
How to choose materials in the design phases: main selection criteria

Ergonomics, anthropometry, perceptual psychology
Symbol and meaning
Communication and its forms
Pragmatic communication: codes and their use
The semiotic square and the significance of objects
Semiotics of the daily object: case studies
Logo, brand and advertising: case studies

Techniques of representation
Pencil technique: strokes, lines and curves
Geometric constructions: scale and proportion
Instruments and scales
Survey; diagram
Orthogonal projections; prospective drawing
Axonometric projection , perspective
Application of forms, geometries, modules and modular elements study to design and create structures through knowledge and the use of suitable materials
Display and dimensioning of fixed and mobile connections
Staining techniques

Design software
Rhinoceros and Cad 2D e 3D: practice exercises

On-board system, sailing equipment
Sanitary water system
Heating system
Electrical system
Different systems
Notes of lighting technology
Waste water treatment plants
Plants for naval propulsion
Engine room
Sail rigging
Deck equipment

Job opportunities

The Master in Yacht Design objective is to train professionals able to apply the naval architecture techniques and tools in an innovative way, which are capable of following a project in all its aspects, working with other professional figures. The students will be able to follow up a project from the ideation, to the executive drawings, up to the actual realization on site. The knowledge acquired during the master will make it possible to practice the profession successfully, as a freelancers or working in the shipbuilding industry, in professional offices or on-site technical offices and in managing production processes and quality control.
A degree in architecture, industrial design or related subjects is a fundamental requirement for the selection of candidates. Applications subjects with proven experience in the naval sector will also be evaluated.

Phases of the route

Preliminary lessons: teaching material
Lessons: 96 h
Project work
Internship: 300 hours
Max. Participants: 25

How to apply

Fill out the information request form and we will contact you within a few days. In the selection of candidates the scholastic CV, work experience and motivational letter will be considered. It is possible and advisable to send a portfolio of previous works. The examining commission, considering these elements, will communicate the result of the selection and the admission to the Course.


Possibility of financing for the registration fee;
Professional orientation meeting during the classroom phase;
Video CV creation during the full-immersion;
Revision and update of the CV;
Reports of accommodation facilities, in areas adjacent to the classroom.

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Training course

The Yacht and Nautical Design Master aims to train professionals capable of manage the process of designing and building a boat, from concept to on-site verification. Our students will be able to gain mastery of each phase of the project: interior design; sailing equipment, blankets and plant engineering; on-site production processes and control of the executive phases.
The training course is organized as a dynamic laboratory, the “shipyards lab”: the master includes therefore, a theoretical-practical approach, but it provides also lessons about design and technical experimentation and the choice of materials. The educational program is structured to provide direct, practical, essential experience to gain control of a complex nautical process.
The thematic areas, has been designed to include all disciplines related to yacht design and marine lifestyle, including computerized and 3D design, the material studies and the latest methods and system constructions , environmental sustainability constraints and required certifications in the laws. The Yacht Design Master also provides all the essential cultural tools and historical knowledge usefull for the yacht designer. 

Certificazioni Rilasciate:

Certificato 1° livello McNeel

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Our teachers

Simone Desideri

Progettista competente e creativo con esperienza nello sviluppo di progetti da idee iniziali a soluzioni progettuali esecutive. Metodo progettuale affermato...

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Flora Olivieri

Flora Olivieri

Laureata in Disegno Industriale con indirizzo Yacht Design. Iscritta all’Albo degli Architetti SezA nel 2013. Avendo una formazione che nasce...

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Valerio Gerboni

Valerio Gerboni

L’esperienza ventennale di Valerio Gerboni, naval architect e yacht designer, affonda le sue radici nella collaborazione con importanti cantieri nautici....

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Stefano Milanesi

Stefano Milanesi

Membro della Society of Naval Architect and Marine Engineers e della American Society of Naval Engeneers, Stefano Milanesi intraprende l’attività...

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Marco Amadio

Marco Amadio

Naval Architect e Designer Automotive, Marco Amadio è consulente Tecnico presso l’albo CTU della Capitaneria di Porto di Roma Fiumicino,...

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