Mauro Savarino

After studying mechanical engineering, Mauro Savarino began his career in Automotive Design at the Carrozzeria Bertone style centre. After an initial experience as an apprentice, he began to devote himself to modelling in plaster, then in wood, Epowood resins etc...and in the 1990s Clay

The Stile Bertone period lasted until 2006, the year in which Mauro Savarino decided to embark on a freelance career, which he still pursues with great passion and professionalism, not only nationally, but also internationally, often working in China, Sweden, England, Germany and France. In his career as a design modeller and model manager, Mauro Savarino has had the opportunity to meet and work with some of the most famous designers in the automotive sector, such as Marcello Gandini, Marc Deschamps, Giorgetto Giugiaro, Warming Anders, Luciano Bove and Flavio Manzoni. Some of the best known projects that have seen Savarino modelling manager are : Ferrari Tributo F8 , Lamborghini Diablo , Fiat Nuova Panda , Ferrari FF 4×4 , Bugatti EB 110 , Maxus G10 , Citroen XM and Cirtoen Xantia , Scania G20 , Alfa Romeo GT , Pininfarina Batista...
Mauro Savarino is a teacher of modelling at various training institutes, eager to pass on the skills he has acquired so far to future designers.

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