Interior Design

Full-immersion in Milan / Rome + Project work and Stage

Car Design

Full-immersion in Turin + Quarterly project work with tutor

Visual Merchandising

Full-immersion in Milan + Project work and Stage

Product Design

Full-immersion in Milan + Project work and Stage

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Choose the sector that most thrills you within the wide IDI training offer and request information on the training course: you will be contacted by an expert consultant who will answer all your questions.
Complete your training together with many young professionals like you who live the passion for design, architecture and design and acquire the theoretical and practical tools to build your business future. Your professional achievement is our goal, this is why Italian Design Institute offers routes that are always in line with the demands of the labor market.


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Stay up to date on the latest news from the world of design, design and fashion.
If your passion is interior design or garden design, if car design makes your heart beat, or if you follow every development of the fashion world, here you will find interesting and engaging articles and updates!

Locations of the Courses and Masters

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the IDI teaching staff

He studied design alongside well-known professionals and professors of recognized fame, with lessons held in exceptional locations such as the Turin Automobile Museum, or in direct contact with the professional reality of reference, as in the shipyard of Sabaudia (LT) . Find out who the teachers are and what each IDI training path offers.

the IDI partner network

Placement in companies and specialized structures for training internships. High training paths Italian Design Institute They are an extraordinary springboard to make your entrance into the labor market starting with an extra gear: the testimonies of our former students speak for us!

Success stories

Testimonies of our former students >>

  • Definitely appreciated the enormous skills exposed. I found a very high professionalism and ability of teachers. Absolutely satisfied, not only for the lessons but also on all the other fronts: simply magnificent. I found how to give vent to my imagination without neglecting technical-practical issues.

    Sergio N. - 29 years, Catanzaro
  • I am very satisfied with the topics covered. The way to deal with design through the use of software is really formative. Very high level of professionalism and availability of teachers: really a friendly attitude, especially considering that Maurizio Corbi is one of the best in the world in the field.

    Hector C. - 35 years, Milan
  • Figures of highly professional teachers! Interesting both the practical and the theoretical aspects, it's a pity that it's finished! A sincere compliment also to the patience and availability of our tutors, who accompanied us during the project work phase.

    Sara P. - 30 years, Rome
  • I'm really satisfied with the training course and in particular with the analytical visits made, for the attention shown by the site staff, which allowed us to see closely and touch the various boats, allowing us to live a really interesting experience.

    Valentina M. - 33 years, Nettuno (RM)
  • During the lectures the teachers have shown to have a very high level of competence. I found the study of how to structure the garden really interesting, where particular attention was paid to the use of plants to make the most of their physical and ornamental characteristics.

    Anna Carmen R. - 31 years, Rome
  • The strong point of the lessons was to have wisely tackled the theory before putting us to work and the great freedom that was granted to us in the realization of the compositions: we did not have to recreate a facsimile, but we gave life to something really original. I was thrilled to be able to work with so many types of flowers.

    Lara B. - 35 years, Vimercate (MB)
  • The topics covered during the lessons have been comprehensively addressed by the teachers, who, demonstrating high competence and professionalism, have been able to answer all my doubts and questions, and have always maintained my interest during the course. . Regarding the organization and the location, the tutor was supportive during the training course and the structure that hosted us was equipped with all the necessary equipment for the proper conduct of the lessons.

    Simona M. - 45 years, Genoa
  • Really interesting and formative course, beautiful experience and reliable and nice tutors. The video CV is very interesting and useful. The ideas were many and very useful, truly a wonderful experience that will certainly help me in the near future. The teacher Longo turned out to be really sociable and professional, with a vast knowledge and great ability. The architect Bruno is a professional of the highest level! Marco Toro is very good: a mine of information; I already miss his way of exposing.

    Cristina S. - 28 years, Camerano
  • I believe that the Master was very useful and I learned many things that the University itself had not taught me above all for the practical purposes related to the exercise of the profession. I am satisfied with the master and I hope to gain further experience in the sector.

    Salvatore V. - 28 years, Reggio Calabria
  • I am very satisfied with how the teachers explained the topics and I think that all the issues have been treated in a clear and exhaustive way, so much that my interest during the lessons has always remained very high.

    Carmine I. - 23 years, Naples

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