Yacht designer: training to become a professional in a growing industry


Change of course for the nautical world after the pandemic. The sector, in fact, is getting off to a flying start with numbers that would appear to be truly encouraging.
The same Senior Partner of Deloitte, Tommaso Nastasi, stated that to date Italy is the leader in the global superyacht market.
According to a research by BOAT International, instead, for next year, the demand for luxury boats will continue to outstrip supply and the key to encouraging this trend is the professionalism and ability of operators in this market to provide immediate answers in terms of efficiency and reliability.
From the dawn of boating to today, the yacht concept has undergone a profound evolution: from simple means of transport, they have become floating containers of life and, at an increasingly high level, an expression of a certain lifestyle.
Inside, comfortable as a home. Outside, nautical gems that capture attention and excite.

The yacht designer's job

In light of this valuable recovery, for those who dream of become a yacht designertraining and acquiring skills in boat design and engineering could be an excellent starting point for a career in this fascinating industry.
Of course, it is not a profession for everyone; to become a good yacht designer you first need an innate passion for the sea and boats, but not only that.
A purely technical and engineering knowledge is not enough to become a skilled yacht designer; the world of luxury yachting requires attention to detail, knowledge of ergonomics, technology, materials, design history and art.
Conceiving and organising the interior and exterior spaces of a boat, drawing the lines of the external profile, requires skills very close to those of an interior designer, but, in addition, specific knowledge of ship design is needed.
The best yacht furniture designs are developed around the size of the yacht and how to make use of every available space, whether it is more or less extensive: even the most imposing yachts accommodate small spaces, it is all about knowing how to make each space as functional as possible.
Essential is the use of high-performance materials, and of no less importance is the choice of sophisticated and sophisticated furnishings.

What's new in the May 2023 edition of IDI's Master in Yacht Design

To become a nautical designer it is necessary to choose the right trainingItalian Design Institute organises the complete master's degree in Yacht Design, aimed at training professionals capable of designing boats, interior furnishings, details and components.
For the edition to be held in May 2023, after a first part in the classroom, Italian Design Institute chose an exclusive location for the second part of the master course: the Academy in The Italian sea Group in Marina di Carrara, one of the most renowned companies in the international nautical industry.
Led by the Founder and President Giovanni Costantinothe group operates in the market with several brands: Admiral, Admiral sail and Tecnomar, characterising the luxury sailing and motor yachting; NCA Refit, characterising the maintenance and refitting service especially for lengths over 60m, Celi Interiors, for the design and production of fine cabinetry.

To host what is a true immersive journey into the technical arts of boating, Italian sea Group is providing a special space inside the shipyard of around 300 square metres, with over 150 seats.
Training course is proposed as a dynamic workshop: training, therefore, in addition to having a theoretical-practical approach, will be closely linked to both design and technical experimentation and the choice of materials.
At the end of the course, four certificates will be awarded to the participants:

  • Certificate of attendance classroom phase,
  • Project Work certificate,
  • Certificate of Internship,
  • McNeel Level 1 certificate.

Click here to fill in the information request form on the Master in Yacht Design IDI for more details!

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