Visual museum experience

Visual museum experience

Visual museum experience

A unique Visual Museum + Virtual and Augmented Reality for business

Training course

Visual Museum Specialisation Course

Designing museum layouts and routes is both idea and creativity as well as technical and design skills. The Exhibit Designer deals with the design of all technical components of museum routes and temporary exhibition layouts, trying to harmonise his work with the curator's idea and the works of art in the best possible way. He also thinks about the conservation of the artistic and cultural heritage of the museum and seeks sustainable solutions suitable for the institution he represents. He is a professional who must have an excellent knowledge of the physical characteristics of light, colour, design techniques and tools as well as an understanding of the aesthetics of sources.
In recent years, the figure of the exhibition designer has become of fundamental importance for any curatorial project, especially with the advent of new forms of contemporary art, such as video art, multisensory installations and virtual tours. The experience, know-how and expertise of the museum designer are used not only for installations, but also in the service of communication, since in exhibition projects the ultimate goal is to communicate the message of the works of art to the visitor.
Having graphic dexterity and being able to draw by hand or through a PC is indispensable for realising projects and drafts.

Course in Virtual and Augmented Reality for Business

Experiencing spaces even before they are built has become an increasingly creative requirement thanks to the extraordinary potential of immersive reality that allows a spectacular and exciting view of spaces

In response to this growing need/requirement, a multi-stage training course was formulated to provide skills in the use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality as innovative tools for presenting one's projects by exploiting technologies from the world of gaming, in particular Unity 3D.

The course in Virtual and augmented reality for business will provide the skills to be able to transform 3D models created using Blender or other modelling software into augmented reality and/or virtual reality. Each participant will be able to generate AR and VR presentations on multiple platforms (Windows, Android, iOS)

A UNIQUE PATH, Visual Museum + Virtual and Augmented Reality for Business

What you will learn

Virtual and augmented reality for business

  • Differences between static and real time rendering
  • Realisation of an architectural structure with Blender
  • Optimisation for real-time rendering
  • Realisation of a virtual environment. the scene in Unity 3D
  • Using Post-Processing
  • Programming hints: creation of Flycam and implementation of Build 360
  • Creating VR apps for smartphones, PCs and Oculus Quest
  • AR app creation for smartphones

Visual Museum Specialisation Course

  • The phases of an exhibition and curatorial project.
  • Relationship between curator and designer
  • The Positioning of Works
  • Light and colour in the museum space: elements of lighting technology.
  • Creation of an exhibition design.
  • The design phases.


Visual Museum Specialisation Course Programme


  • The phases of an exhibition and curatorial project: from historical and archaeological exhibitions to contemporary art and multimedia exhibitions.
  • The relationship between curator and designer: analysing and getting to know the authors of an exhibition
  • The indoor/outdoor/permanent and temporary fit-outs: the work of the new fit-outs
  • The research department: analysis and knowledge of roles
  • Focus: archaeology exhibitions
  • Case Studies


  • Difference between Permanent and Temporary Exhibitions
  • The approach to the exhibition space: the historical place and the ideal place
  • The positioning of works in space: differences between archaeological, modern and contemporary art exhibitions
  • The visitor experience in contemporary art exhibitions
  • Case studies of fittings from recent decades
  • Conservation of works: light and temperature, insights into regulations


  • Light and colour in the museum space: elements of style and lighting technology.
  • Focus: Contemporary Art Exhibitions - Video Installations/ Virtual Exhibitions
  • Examples and case studies
  • Communicating with the space: being able to communicate the exhibition to the visitor


  • Classroom exercises
  • How to communicate the project
  • The communication department: analysis and knowledge of roles
  • Cultural events and shows: staging and design
  • Creation of an outfitting project. Design phases with revisions.

Virtual and Augmented Reality for Business programme

Introduction to immersive technologies: definitions, examples and areas of application.

  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Extended Reality
  • Evolution of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality from the 1950s to the present: birth and spread of the first hardware devices.

The current hardware market. AR and VR devices: most influential factors for the spread of specific hardware.VR-related issues and solutions.Why invest. Excursus on the most successful AR and VR projects.

Static rendering and real-time rendering: similarities and differences.

  • Optimisation elements for real-time rendering

From the world of video games to the world of interior design. Unity3D and Unreal Engine: analysis of the interfaces and possible outputs of both software.Test live with VR visor and AR tablet

Practical exercise: realisation of a virtual environment from a dwg or pdf file using Blender.

Basic concepts: optimisation elements for real-time rendering:

  • what low-poly means
  • what are draw-calls
  • optimal characteristics of textures and materials

Unity 3D pt 1:

  • Introduction to the software and its interface.
  • Main differences with popular static rendering software
  • creation of a project folder

Unity 3D pt 2:

  • Import of architectural structure realised with Blender
  • Scene Creation
  • Importing Textures and Creating Materials
  • Main sources for CC0-licensed material

Unity 3D pt 3:

Difference between baked, real-time and mixed light sources;

  • Lighting Baking
  • Ambient occlusion: what it is used for and how to render it

Unity 3D pt 4:

  • Flycam Creation
  • Introduction to post-processing: when to use it.
  • Creation of a PC build for immersive experience.

Unity 3D pt.5: let's create our first smartphone app

  • Scripting in C#, project anatomy, basic scripting, online resources
  • Let us create a simple script to modify the scene at runtime.
  • Build & run on smartphones.

Unity 3D pt.6: creating an AR app

  • The package manager: how to add functionality to your Unity project
  • Test scene: download projects and resources from the web and include them in our project
  • Build on smartphones: device requirements, functionalities, limitations
  • Scene customisation.

Introduction to Web 3 and the Metaverse (metaverse, what why who)

  • What is the Metaverse: definition and history
  • What is multiuser and how it works
  • What is an avatar

The economy of the Metaverse: 

  • Who and how do they make money in the metaverse?
  • How is it bought in the metaverse?
  • Overview of cryptocurrencies
  • Notes on Blockchain and NFT

Visits to the main existing Metaversi (with Visor): evaluation and comparison of different use cases and analysis of problems

Products and services we can sell in the XR Metaverse

  • BIM/CAD to VR
  • AR for marketing
  • XR for real estate

Business model and pricing: what works and what doesn't

Marketing in XR

  • what can be done now
  • what works (WebGL, AR filters, tools)
  • what will be possible in the future


  • Avatars: analysis of the most common types
  • Immersive lecture (with visor): entering the IDI Multiverse and exploring a series of virtual rooms
  • Tour of virtual environments: technical tips and optimisation techniques for the realisation of immersive projects.

Job opportunities

The Visual Museum Experience is dedicated to those who want to become proficient in the field so as to be able to practise their profession successfully, entering the market as freelancers, even on private commissions, spanning all sectors in which augmented and virtual reality is increasingly in demand, from gaming to interior design.

It is aimed at graduates and undergraduates in architecture, engineering, industrial design, design and related subjects; graduates and undergraduates in cultural heritage or graduates from the Liceo Artistico and Geometra high schools with related subjects and graduates from the Accademia delle Belle Arti (with basic knowledge of Autocad). 

Phases of the course

  • PROPEDEUTICAL LESSONS: texts + online platform
  • CLASSROOM PHASE: Blended, 72 hours classroom + 72 hours online
  • PROJECT WORK: realisation of a project following the outline provided by the teacher
  • MAX: 18 participants
  • CV DISTRIBUTION to companies nationwide


Possibility of financing the registration fee
Video CV realisation
Reworking and updating the CV for dissemination to companies in the sector at the end of the training course in the country.

How to apply

Fill out the information request form and we will contact you within a few days. In the selection of candidates the scholastic CV, work experience and motivational letter will be considered. It is possible and advisable to send a portfolio of previous works. The examining commission, considering these elements, will communicate the result of the selection and the admission to the Course by filling the application form.

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They say about us:

Italian Design Institute ®
Based on 137 reviews
Ho appena terminato l’immersive master in interior design , corso ben fatto , docenti disponibili e preparati, la tutor dott.ssa Sissi Pintus , si è mostrata sempre molto disponibile, gentile.
Ho appena terminato il master di interior design, un percorso formativo super interessante e coinvolgente.Grazie ai docenti ho scoperto nuove tecniche per la realizzazione degli interni e nuovi programmi di progettazione.Inoltre molto importanti sono stata le visite negli show-room di arredamento che sono state fonti di ispirazione per i progetti da consegnare. Ringrazio infine la Tutor, la Dott.ssa Pintus, che con molta pazienza ed empatia ci ha accompagnati in questo percorso.
Ho appena concluso il Master Immersive in Interior Design, consigliatissimo.Esperienza indimenticabile e formativa, anche grazie alla nostra tutor Dott.ssa Alessandra Pintus che è stata una splendida spalla.Grazie ancora!
I attended the Visual Museum course. It was a very interesting, professional and exciting learning experience.
Visual Museum: I found the course pleasantly educational, a gateway to a rich and interesting world with well-prepared thematic theoretical lectures, lots of instructive video material and a unique loco experience with assisted exercises. Tutor Cristiani very helpful and precise.
Super professional lecturers, helpful and kind tutors. Really useful experience.
The Interior Design - Blended course was really very high-performing, all the professors were knowledgeable and each of them enriched the training with their very personal lessons. It gave a lot to the training of each participant, too bad it was a bit short. With this I thank all the professors and the organisers for giving us this enormous opportunity to grow our training experience.
The Blended Master in Interior Design at the Italian Design Institute was an enhancing experience. Through lectures and the support of industry experts, I discovered new perspectives in interior design, learning to combine colours in unexpected ways and to use a new modelling programme with great precision. Visits to local studios added value to my education, but what impressed me most was the in-depth exploration of the unconventional use of materials and colours, which fuelled my creativity significantly.The professionalism and friendliness of the staff and lecturers made me and us feel almost like we were in a familiar environment in which we could freely interact.
I took a beautiful course, the Master in Interior Design, which impressed me a lot, as did the competence of the professors who guided us. I am sorry that it ended so quickly. We were always looked after by a tutor who helped us with everything, and I also congratulate him on his patience with us. I thank the institute very much for this wonderful experience.
Rabija Mustafović
I attended the bridal and haute couture modelling course, a path of professional growth and more. The teachers were very professional, and a great stimulus to continue taking other specialisation courses to become the future 'fashion engineers'. I recommend attending this course or perhaps other Italian Design Institute courses to invest professionally in your future . A thank you ❤️ to Roberta Corimbo and the team Tania Sette and Martina Pantaleo who supported us until the end.
I attended the haute couture and bridal specialisation course, and Laura Diana was enlightening. I would have liked to ask her many more questions, too bad for time, perhaps too little
A very exclusive experience thanks to visits to well-known construction sites.
I always liked to design, but I never had the chance to do it; thanks to the group of teachers I found during the Master in Car Design, I was able to do it, they brought out my best!
I have just finished the classroom phase of the course in car design, it was a wonderful and absorbing training course. In the full immersion session I met my fellow students, very nice and helpful people with whom we immediately established a good relationship, including the teachers and tutor Claudia. For those who are passionate about design and cars, this is definitely a course not to be missed!
I completed the classroom phase of the Master in Car Design, which was a truly complete learning experience, thanks to the passion and expertise of the teachers, the patience of the tutor and, last but not least, the choice of location for the lessons: being inspired by the models on display at the Turin Car Museum is priceless!
I followed the Master in Car Design and found it very interesting. It gave me tools I could use every day and I find it helped complete my total education. I recommend it!
I enthusiastically concluded the course in Visual Museum.what can I say... an experience that was as educational as it was stimulating: wonderful lecturers and always helpful tutors! The course allowed me to consolidate my knowledge and develop very practical skills; the visit directly to the museum was wonderful.
A unique experience that went beyond my expectations! Very knowledgeable and always helpful lecturers and tutors. I would definitely recommend IDI!
Thanks to the internship in IDI's Wedding Flower Design course, I had the chance to end this experience on a high note! Although it was my first approach to the floral world, I managed to keep up with all the techniques and exercises during the classroom phase.I recommend it!
Impeccable organisation, prepared and helpful lecturers, and great professionals. A very high level educational and human experience, which I recommend. Also excellent was the tutor, who followed and supported our activities. Thank you!
Great course! Original podcast course, excellent teachers and tutor always present and supportive! I wish it had been twice as long!
Hello everyone! I am a student who attended the Lightning Design course at Events and Theatre.I was very pleased with the experience both online and in theatre. I learnt new and very creative techniques to enrich my knowledgeTania was the tutor everyone would expect to find!
Italian design institute is the right academy to cultivate the most particular passions. I attended the lighting design course and it was very interesting. Professors Walter Lutzu, Silvio De Ponte and Fulvio Michelazzi were super efficient together with my colleague Tania Sette. Fantastic!
Thank you very much for everything a wonderful experience
Satisfied to have had the opportunity to take part in the online Interior Design course at IDI.I am a recent graduate in Architecture and thanks to this master's degree I was able to approach the subject from a professional working perspective.I was able to learn notions from the lecturers that will facilitate my integration into the working environment.
Excellent training offer. Very good teachers, very wide range of topics covered, complemented by the preparatory teaching material provided.
Response from the owner: Thank you Umberto!
This MASTER is helping me a lot to fill in many gaps that I took for granted a long time ago. Especially I have learnt a lot with photography thanks to Amilcare Incalza and about publishing with Federica Caiazzo, who is young and fresh. She helped me understand how to launch myself into this world and how I could do it.
I attended the course in photography fashion editor and digital media, the course was divided into a phase of distance learning lessons with the class and with professionals especially on fashion journalism such as Mariella Milani, Valeria Oppenheimer and Federica Caiazzo, interactive and very educational lessons.Afterwards we spent four days in Milan with the class and with amilcare incalza who took us to his studio and let us experience one of his shoots up close.we also had the opportunity to organise a shoot on our own with the concession of some clothes and we were able to photograph a professional model. I'm still here as I write this review.It was exciting and unique.I had high expectations but I didn't think it would be so good.I'm going back to Rome with a bit of melancholy.But I thank my class, the professionals and our tutor Tania seven for this wonderful and unforgettable experience that I lived.I recommend everyone to pursue such experiences and I recommend the institute because it is very good. ❤️
The Master in Fashion Editor, Photography and Digital Media was super interesting and interactive. Shooting for a real shoot was inspiring and hopeful.
I did the master's course and it was really a positive experience, very serious and competent.
I went to the Garden Design course in Pistoia, an unforgettable experience both professionally and experientially. The organisation is impeccable, the Campus location is excellent. Thanks to Tania, Stefano, and Sonia for training us and accompanying us on this adventure; Alessandro for his kindness every day spent at the Campus, and last but not least the kitchen team for the varied food that sustained our days of study. Goodbye guys!
A wonderful experience that of the Master Garden Design Pistoia, introducing you to this world at 360°. The most important thing is to have found a truly phenomenal team of lecturers and learners!
I attended the Fashion Editor Photography and Digital Media course. Being confronted with great professionals in the field of fashion journalism, photography and digital media was very useful as I acquired fundamental knowledge.I found the course interesting, and everyone was very professional in explaining the topics.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your review, Alessandro. From the whole team of the Italian Design Institute.
I attended the wedding flowers course in Rome with Sonia Luongo's team and I recommend it
Did the wedding flower design course Great experience, it was completely full immersion!!!!
IDI course - VISUAL MUSEUM (TURIN)Described in 3 words: intensive, immersive, highly formative.I sincerely thank all the lecturers for the stimuli they were able to pass on to us. Certainly this course does not represent an achievement, but an important and conscious starting point for moving into the world of museum design.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your review, Laura. From the whole team of the Italian Design Institute.
It was an intense but very interesting two weeks. The course lived up to my expectations. The lecturers were really professional as well as our tutor Simona who followed us and helped us in everything.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your review, Serena. From the whole team of the Italian Design Institute.
High-level lecturers, innovative and interesting teaching tools and proposals. Great support for students in the classroom, through the tutor Simona, who is really helpful and professional. Thank you!
Response from the owner: Thank you for your review, Matilde. From the whole team of the Italian Design Institute.

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