Other Visual Merchandising Rules


In the previous article we highlighted the first basic rules of Visual Merchandising. To complete the discussion, here are some others that should be followed to make the shop more competitive.

Among the Visual Merchandising Rules we find theinsulationThe aim is to accentuate and give greater importance to the product, to enhance and differentiate it. It is isolated on a bust, a niche, a mannequin or a frame. A technique used not only for high-value products (jewellery, paintings, valuables) but also for those garments that in a sequence would be nullified or flattened.

Another Visual Merchandising Rule is the display i.e. a scenic representation capable of attracting and creating strong emotions. The set-up must always be brand-conscious and can be used both to present and illustrate the entire offer, but also to allow for the correct handling and rotation of goods.

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Another technique that focuses on emotions is the focal point, a highly communicative and attractive area, created according to the customer's needs and trends. This can be achieved by means of clear, evocative images of the product on display, strategically placed on the wall, repeatedly used busts or frontal clothing.

L'product aggregation is a working method based not only on an effective display but also on an appropriate management of the merchandise assortment. It is done for theme, for function or for colour and structured by brand, price, lifestyle, affinity of use, seasonality, occasionality.

The themed display suggests combinations according to the fashion of the moment and is generally used at the beginning of the season. Useful for directing customers' choices and stimulating multiple purchases. Functional display, on the other hand, is suitable for product categories that have slow but steady sales.
Colour exposure is often used when one wants to focus attention on the fashion colour or in the case of disassortment.

A Visual Merchandising Rule very effective is the repetitionIt reinforces the product, enhances the assortment, makes explicit the quality of a product, emphasises the intrinsic message, makes order prevail over chaos. Two equivalences should be observed in this technique: the use of one colour for many articles or one article for many colours. In the rule of repetition we tend to prefer a sequence of 3 or odd multiples because the disparity ensures that the human eye is drawn to the central element.

Respect for these Visual Merchandising Rules can ensure good profitability for the outlets.

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