NFT: art, design and job opportunities


The evolution of digital technologies is leading to a new frontier in art and designthe one represented by the NFTor the "non-fungible tokens“. 

But what exactly are they?

NFTs are a form of digital property using the blockchain technology to secure the rights of possession and authenticity of a work of art or digital object.

In other words, Non-Fungible Tokens are digital certificates that immutably and uniquely identify the characteristics of an asset such as ownership, value, date of creation and purchase, making it de facto digitally non-cloneable.

The use of these technologies in the digitisation process thus avoids the risks associated with traditional methods such as unrecognisable copying of the digital original and modification.

This makes the NFT particularly well suited to the world of art and design, where the authenticity and originality of works are paramount.

NFTs represent a big challenge for companies. Having a clear understanding of what blockchain is and what it can offer is the first step to riding the new opportunities provided by this technology.

Some of these concern the world of design and art, where NFTs are paving the way for the professionals of the future.

If in the past, designers could only make money through the sale of physical products, they can now sell digital artworks such as JPG files, GIFs, videos and music that, certified and authenticated as unique properties, see their value increase.

The NFT sector in design is becoming increasingly popular, with many artists and designers venturing into this new market. Some designers are using NFTs as a way to showcase their work, with digital works of art displayed in online virtual galleries and sold to collectors all over the world.

New professions thanks to NFT

NFTs offer many opportunities for designers to experiment with new forms of expression creative and develop new professional skills. 

Museums and art galleries

Among the NFT-related job opportunities is to work as curators and managers of NFT collections for art galleries, museums, cultural institutions and private individuals.

Marketing campaigns

Another possibility for designers is to use NFT as a tool for marketing design products and services. For example, a furniture designer could create a unique work of art based on his furniture and sell the NFT as part of a marketing campaign. Blockchain technology thus becomes a new form of advertising.

NFT platforms and markets

Finally, there are also opportunities for designer to work for NFT platforms and markets. These roles may include the following activities:

  • the user interface design
  • the design of analysis and monitoring tools
  • the development of advanced functionalities for the creation and management of NFT.

The usefulness of NFTs in the world of art and design

In the world of design the NFT concept is especially useful with regard to antiques and modern antiques on the counterfeiting front, as one would have traces of the passage of owners. 

There are also artificial intelligence systems for the visual recognition of objects, which make it possible to identify, for example, an original chair without the need for an ID, but through the grain of the wood or those micro imperfections accumulated over the years, rather like a fingerprint. 

The conditions of smart contractsMoreover, they allow the creator of an NFT not only to set its selling price, but also any other terms of the contract, such as royalties or a commission that is paid every time it is resold. In this way, potentially the creator of an NFT is able to provide himself with a sustainable source of income over time.

The events and trade fair sector

NFTs are becoming increasingly popular in the events and trade fair sector as a form of audience activation, engagement and sale of digital merchandising, as well as the enjoyment of real experiences within trade fair contexts.

NFTs are used to realise:

  • NFT Tickets
  • Digital souvenirs
  • Exclusive VIP experiences
  • Digital collectables

A Master's degree in Crypto Art and the Metaverse to prepare for work in the NFT sector

The Master in 'Crypto Art & NFT - Fashion Cultures, Management and Preservation' of Italian Design Institute proposes itself as the first academic-professional reality, which crosses the worlds of political science, technology, visual arts and fashion. Candidates enrolled on this course will understand the complex production, legal, technological, distribution and monitoring dynamics of assets cultural diversity, benefiting from three synergetic and complementary modules, which will investigate, respectively, the world of international cultural security, the latest and most up-to-date technologies in the field of traceability and authenticity, as well as tangible classes with experts from the visual arts and fashion industries, who will illustrate concrete applications of cutting-edge technologies for the enhancement and protection of these art segments (artificial intelligence, gamificationrobotics, etc.).

The programme is divided into four macro areas:

Cryptographic art area
Security area
Area of applications in the visual arts world
Area of applications in the fashion world

If you would like more information on the Master's programme, please contact us, by clicking here

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