Milan becomes the centre of architecture: the first edition of Arch Week arrives


The first edition of the new event entirely dedicated to architecture will be held in Milan 12 to 18 June 2017. L'Arch Week organised in collaboration between the City Council, the Triennale and the Milan Polytechnic, under the artistic direction of Stefano Boeriwill consist of a whole week of events, meetings, readings, debates with a special focus on architecture and urban change. The events will be held mainly in the halls of the Triennale and in the Burri Theatre in Sempi Parkarch weekone. The curatorship of the photography programme is entrusted to Oliviero Toscaniwhich will focus on the link between photography and architecture.

The guests and focus of Arch Week in Milan

Populating Architecture Week will be national and international guests including Massimiliano Fuksas who will discuss his 'Nuvola' built in Rome, Mario Bellini, Peter Eisenman, Hiancarlo Mazzanti and the US firm Diller, in the person of Elisabeth Dillerone of the architects who gave a new face to contemporary New York by building the High Line, the promenade carved out of an old abandoned railway line and now one of the most touristy spots in the new New York. All events will be open to citizenship, with the main aim of creating an active and interactive exchange. Indeed, the initiative aims at narrating the major changes taking place in the local urban scenario and, at the same time, the probable prospects related to the redevelopment of the territory. An extensive and varied initiative, therefore, in which institutions and various local and national realities will converge.

There will also be thematic sections dedicated to cinema and music as well as a focus on the theme of post-earthquake reconstruction. Finally, there will be guided tours of the studios and historical buildings, as well as workshops and public debates, ending in the evening, after 9 p.m., with main lectures by Italian and international architects in the Salone d'onore of the Triennale and in the Teatro di Burri, located in the Parco Sempione.

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