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Milan, 14 - 26 June 2021

Do you would like to become a designer specialized in the design of commercial spaces?
The IDI Master in Commercial Spaces Interior Design is a professional training course that will allow you to learn office, hotel, restaurant, boutique and spa design techniques, to manage an interior design project in all its phases, from the concept to the realization of the project, passing through the study of design software, the choice of materials and the communication of the project idea.

What you will learn

The program explores five areas: offices, hotels, food retail, boutiques, spas. Each topic will be discussed in-depth with the following topics:

  • Design specific spaces
  • Organize the space and the furniture functions
  • Materials and colors
  • Indoor and outdoor green
  • The light
  • The project representation
  • Regulations in force

Course program

The organisation of spaces and functions, from tradition to the latest trends.

  • The concept and dimension of flows.
  • Customer experience and the relativity of purchase time.
  • Case Study: Smart Office.

The construction of a creative idea VS corporate brand identity.

  • Translating the immaterial into matter and vice versa.
  • The theme of light as design inspiration.
  • Case Study: The Diamond Shop.

Artistic inspiration as a source of technological innovation.

  • The density of new materials and light as an instrument of investigation.
  • Case Study: Life Inspiration and Art, a variable space.

The widespread concept of healthy.

  • Are we really talking about conscious design?
  • The sense of energy saving and the currents of well-being.
  • Case Study: Between East and West, the transformation of eating habits.

Landscape design as interior or exterior design?

  • An unconventional view of green lighting
  • Case Study: Urban terraces and vertical forests.

A different approach to three-dimensional modelling software.

  • The virtual sculptor and the bim designer in comparison.
  • Case Study: CAD-CAM and furniture elements.

All over the world with the same concept design, or not.

  • New trends and evolutions of ideas forming concept design trends.
  • Case Study: An International and Contemporary Boutique.

The methods and strategies of representation and communication.

  • From heuristic sketching to 3D prototyping.
  • Case Study: the production process in lighting companies.

The globalisation of the hospitality concept and new location trends.

  • Tradition and research, the problem of 'passage' and the relationship with wellness technologies.
  • Case Study: redefining the theme of luxury in hotels and temporary residences.
Certificazione Rhino

Job opportunities

The interior designer specializing in commercial spaces is a professional who is able to manage the necessary tools to anticipate the needs of a constantly growing and evolving market. He has developed new skills that help to develope a competitive and professional figure. He masters the design tools, the use of design software and has both a general and a specific culture in the field of interior design. He knows how to interpret the brand's philosophy and manages to present his projects using emotional and technical communication. He can work as a freelancer specializing in the design of hotel spaces, restaurants, cafes, offices, spas or as a designer in design studios or in the retail department of big brands.
He can enter the market as a freelancer specialising in the design of spaces in hotels, restaurants, cafés, offices, spas, or he can work as a designer in design studios or in the 'retail departments' of major brands.

Phases of the course

Preparatory lessons: texts + online platform
Classroom phase: 96 hours
Project work: realisation of an individual project
Internship phase: 300-hour internship at partner companies in the participant's region of interest
Max. participants: 25

How to apply

Fill out the information request form and we will contact you within a few days. In the selection of candidates the scholastic CV, work experience and motivational letter will be considered. It is possible and advisable to send a portfolio of previous works. The examining commission, considering these elements, will communicate the result of the selection and the admission to the Course.


Possibility of financing for the registration fee;
Professional orientation meeting during the classroom phase;
Video CV creation during the full-immersion;
Revision and update of the CV;
Reports of accommodation facilities, in areas adjacent to the classroom.

Training course

Master in Commercial Spaces Interior Design

The IDI Master in Commercial Spaces Interior Design aims to train students in the conception, design and furnishing of offices, hotels, restaurants and cafés, boutiques, spas. Premises open to the public are constantly changing and require design ideas and solutions adapted to respond to new consumer styles, new client requirements and international market trends.
Today, this type of structure has as its main objectives the uniqueness and specific characterization, so that the details of the design are associated with the brand. This objective can be achieved through targeted interventions of interior design, ranging from furniture to lighting design to choice of colors and materials used.
A course dedicated to Commercial Spaces Interior Design allows professionals, but also young designers, to update their skills and specialize in different aspects of interior design. The commercial spaces, through innovative design solutions, choices of furniture and innovative materials, reflect international trends and must respond concretely to the demands of the market, in addition to the constantly evolving consumption habits.

All students enrolled in the master's course will be entitled to free access to the Material Connexion library for 12 months.


Studio Partner

C14 - Architectural and Lighting Design Studio

The C14 group works in the residential, retail, hospitality and exhibition sectors, playing a leading role in Italy and abroad: C14 has in fact been working with the Far East for some time. Instead, two other challenges in which C14 believes strongly are starting in Milan: Caffè Napoli and the Miscusi restaurant. The passion for catering will soon lead to the inauguration of two new projects in the sector, for now still in the construction phase.
Also worth mentioning are the competitions won in Milan as lighting consultant for the Torre Generali, for the Torre Gioia 22 and for Piazza Gae Aulenti. Also in Milan, Bellman and C14 designed the ticket office and shop for the prestigious Duomo Museum, housed in the magnificent spaces of the Sala delle Colonne. The collaboration with the Lungarno Group also led to the creation of an interior hotel between Porta Venezia and Via Sant'Andrea.
After Milan, Florence: here too the studio is involved in the lighting of a historical space, the Manifattura Tabacchi. Among other works, it designs the lighting for the new Kiton showroom in Palazzo Gondrand in Milan, realises the Peuterey retail concept, develops concept lighting for Ballantyne, collaborates with international artists curating exhibitions at Palazzo Reale, Castello Sforzesco, the Museum of Natural History, the Milan Triennale and Isola Madre on Lake Maggiore. Not to forget the lighting and interior design of the most representative areas of the Unicredit headquarters in Porta Nuova in Milan. C14's clients also include Loropiana, Tod's, Pomellato, Luxottica, Autogrill, Canali, Hines, Coima, Vacheron Constantin, Mondadori, Deutsche Bank, Samsung, Tiscali, Nielsen, Viabizzuno, Flos and Illy.


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