Master in Commercial Spaces Interior Design

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Milan, Rome - Scheduled dates

Do you would like to become a designer specialized in the design of commercial spaces?
The IDI Master in Commercial Spaces Interior Design is a professional training course that will allow you to learn office, hotel, restaurant, boutique and spa design techniques, to manage an interior design project in all its phases, from the concept to the realization of the project, passing through the study of design software, the choice of materials and the communication of the project idea.

What you will learn

The program explores five areas: offices, hotels, food retail, boutiques, spas. Each topic will be discussed in-depth with the following topics:

  • Design specific spaces
  • Organize the space and the furniture functions
  • Materials and colors
  • Indoor and outdoor green
  • The light
  • The project representation
  • Regulations in force

Course program

The design of commercial spaces

  • Understand a brand philosophy. Design a concept to create an atmosphere
  • Differences between public and private spaces
  • Design spaces accordance with flows
  • Design a customer experience
  • Materials and colors
  • Traditional materials and innovative materials
  • The choice of materials in the design phase
  • Color psychology
  • The furnishings
  • Industrial product design
  • Costumed product design
  • Indoor and outdoor green
  • Indoor plants and how to integrate its with a project
  • Green wall, roof, gardens
  • The Light
  • Use of natural light
  • Lighting design notes
  • The project representation
  • Floor plans, renderings, images
  • How to create a moodboard
  • The realization
    Technical report, Estimate, Computation Metric
  • Notes on the plants
  • Regulations in force
  • Design software
Certificazione Rhino

Job opportunities

The interior designer specializing in commercial spaces is a professional who is able to manage the necessary tools to anticipate the needs of a constantly growing and evolving market. He has developed new skills that help to develope a competitive and professional figure. He masters the design tools, the use of design software and has both a general and a specific culture in the field of interior design. He knows how to interpret the brand's philosophy and manages to present his projects using emotional and technical communication. He can work as a freelancer specializing in the design of hotel spaces, restaurants, cafes, offices, spas or as a designer in design studios or in the retail department of big brands.
Può inserirsi nel mercato come libero professionista specializzato nella progettazione degli spazi di hotel, ristoranti, caffè, uffici, spa, oppure può proporsi come progettista in studi di progettazione o nei “retail department” dei grandi brand.

Phases of the route

Preliminary lessons: teaching material
Lessons: 96 h
Project work
Internship phase: 300-hour in a partner companies
Max. Participants: 25

How to apply

Fill out the information request form and we will contact you within a few days. In the selection of candidates the scholastic CV, work experience and motivational letter will be considered. It is possible and advisable to send a portfolio of previous works. The examining commission, considering these elements, will communicate the result of the selection and the admission to the Course.


Possibility of financing for the registration fee;
Professional orientation meeting during the classroom phase;
Video CV creation during the full-immersion;
Revision and update of the CV;
Reports of accommodation facilities, in areas adjacent to the classroom.

Training course

Master in Commercial Spaces Interior Design

The IDI Specialization Course in Commercial Spaces Interior Design aims to train students in the conception, design and furnishing of offices, hotels, restaurants and cafes, boutiques, spas. Public premises are constantly changing and require ideas and design solutions suitable for responding to new styles of consumption, new needs of customers and international market trends. Design of commercial spaces can be a determining factor for the success of the brand.
Today, this type of structure has as its main objectives the uniqueness and specific characterization, so that the details of the design are associated with the brand. This objective can be achieved through targeted interventions of interior design, ranging from furniture to lighting design to choice of colors and materials used.
A course dedicated to Commercial Spaces Interior Design allows professionals, but also young designers, to update their skills and specialize in different aspects of interior design. The commercial spaces, through innovative design solutions, choices of furniture and innovative materials, reflect international trends and must respond concretely to the demands of the market, in addition to the constantly evolving consumption habits.

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