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Online, dal 31 Maggio al 23 Luglio 2021

Do you want to become a car designer?
The IDI Master in Car Design is a full-immersion course that will allow you to learn advanced automotive design techniques, learning to manage an automotive design project in all its phases, from the concept to the first drafts, up to 3D modeling.

Una Esperienza unica per la formazione nel settore del Car, Yacht e E-bike Design. Molto più di un Master, chiedi subito informazioni:


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What you will learn

  • Car body design
  • Automotive design history
  • Anthropometry and Ergonomics of the automobile
  • Materials technology
  • Industrial design theory and technique
  • Concept car sketching
  • Transportation design
  • Marketing and project management
  • Design software: Rhinoceros, Alias auto studio

Course program

Automotive Design
Car body design
Concept Car sketching
Transportation design

Automotive design history
Historical-critical, methodological and contextual features of industrial design history
Historical analysis of the development theories and fundamental concepts of industrial design and the concrete evolution of objects
Case studies
Italian history
The economic boom and the growth of the industrial product

Anthropometry and ergonomics
Car ergonomics : habitability, accessibility, visibility, usability commands, pleasantness, comfort
The man-machine-environment system
Anthropometric measurements
Cognitive ergonomics
The usability and evaluation techniques

Materials technology
Technological materials: metals, ceramics, polymers, glasses, composites, technical fluids, surface coatings, fabrics, rubbers, natural materials, recycled materials, structural adhesives
Cutting-edge materials and design solutions developed on a large scale

Industrial design theory and techniques
Pencil technique: strokes, lines and curves
Geometric constructions: scale and proportion
Project idea: dimensional sketches, three-dimensional sketches
Study and application of shapes, geometries, modules and modular elements to design and build structures through the knowledge and use of suitable materials
Industrial Design: views and projections, representation of mechanical components

Marketing and project management
Brand screening
Vehicle types
Range plan
Carry over
Regulatory requirements
Production technologies
Color area: brand color culture, trends, technological knowledge, fabrics, leather, special treatments, combinations

Design software
Knowledge about the commands

Alias Auto Studio

Job opportunities

Completed the training as a car designer the master's students will be able to find employment in technical studios and design centers of automotive manufacturers, or start their own professional car & automotive design studio. The training received will allow to plan all project phases, from the acquisition and management of statistical data, to graphic and 3D design and the phase of internal communication and external promotion.
The students that will be distinguished for the greater motivation and talent could find employment in important national and international companies that carry out projects for the main brands in the automotive sector.
Moreover, in recent years new paths have been created for professionals interested in working with alternative technologies for highly innovative and ecological transport, which lead to a strong reduction in the environmental impact.

Phases of the route

Preliminary lessons: teaching material
Fase d’aula: 96 ore (lezioni live di 4 ore – 3 volte a settimana)
Project work trimestrale: realizzazione di un progetto con un revisioni periodiche online 

How to apply

Fill out the information request form and we will contact you within a few days. In the selection of candidates the scholastic CV, work experience and motivational letter will be considered. It is possible and advisable to send a portfolio of previous works. The examining commission, considering these elements, will communicate the result of the selection and the admission to the Course.


Possibility of financing for the registration fee;
Incontro di orientamento professionale online;
Video CV creation during the full-immersion;
Revision and update of the CV;

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Materially è il più grande archivio, suddiviso in categorie, composto da 7000 materiali e processi produttivi innovativi e sostenibili al mondo.
Ogni mese la Library si arricchisce di 40 nuovi materiali e tecnologie selezionati da una giuria internazionale e interdisciplinare di esperti.

Training course

Master in Car Design

The Car Designer is a professional specialized in car design, in the design of bodywork, accessories, lights, interior accessories and car refinishing elements. This automotive design car  design course provides students all the tools necessary to create a complete automotive project, from the concept to 3D rendering and to scale models.
The creation of a new model of car requires a study of the relationship between mobility and territory, which combines the fundamental stylistic aspects with the use of the latest propulsion and engineering technologies in the motors sector, ensuring high standards of energy saving and a reduction in emissions.
Designing, producing, promoting and marketing an automotive design product requires specific skills, desiners have to be able to dialogue with different actors and to move beyond of the classic market logic, have technological and productive skills and basic project management skills.

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Our teachers

Nicolà Azzara

Nicolò Azzara

Terminati gli studi in “Architettura della carrozzeria”, Nicolò Azzara ha iniziato la sua carriera lavorativa presso Fioravanti Srl, una collaborazione...

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