Lighting Design: when light creates the identity of space


The Lighting Design is not just about designing light to suit the space. Certainly, light is a fundamental component of environments; it is the light that enables humans to carry out most nocturnal activities, but it also represents a communication toolwhich is now widely used in different fields, such as art and culture.
Light is not at the service of other forms of art and representation, but rather an independent means of expression.
Highlighting a highlight of a theatrical performance, giving visibility and dignity to a painting, immersing oneself in a sensory experience in a concert or museum, even in a restaurant: these are all examples, and there are many more to come, of how the lighting design plays a decisive role, is the protagonist of a space, capable of narrating it in a unique and decisive way.

Cinema, theatre, photography, video art and entertainment in general are the areas in which light design is a versatile, ductile form of expression, capable of giving identity to a place.

Lighting Design: application areas

In addition to the organisation of light systems for domestic, spectacular, cinematographic, television, artistic purposes, the lighting design today is enjoying enormous success in industry and the workplace, following the first studies of workplace ergonomics and ergotechnics. Not only that: even the urban lighting sector sees a particular focus on social security and the containment of electricity consumption.
Added to this is the use of light and special lighting studies for urban installations, performances, events, by lighting professionals who have specific skills in the use of new techniques and state-of-the-art software.

Light Art stars in Turin.

Speaking of light and identity and storytelling, but also of experience, it is impossible not to mention the exhibition proposed by the e-GATE space, in Via Amedeo Avogadro, 4 in Turin these days, visible until 30 November. It is an interesting work by three important names in Light Art, Carlo Bernardini, Giulio De Mitri and Paolo Scirpa.

Paolo Scirpa - "Ludoscope E6. Expansion + translation", (2008) - Wood+blue neon+mirrors - Dimensions 30 x 30 x 16.5 cm + 13 cm base (courtesy: e-GATE - Selected Works)

The exhibition project of the Selected Works' Gallery curated by Sara Liuzzi, art critic and historian, lecturer at theAlbertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, takes the name of LIGHT I SPACE I CONCEPT and wants to highlight the expressive potential of light through the use of three different light sources, which fully articulate the trinomial light-space-concept.

Paolo Scirpa - "Ludoscope M1bis. Pozzo Espansione+traslazione", (2007) - Wood, coloured neon, mirrors - Dimensions 40 x 50 x 57 cm (courtesy: e-GATE - Selected Works)

A not-to-be-missed experience that allows one to experience a unique sensory dimension, modifying and shaping the perception of the surrounding space, a journey into luminosity through light, which goes beyond the spatial dimension of rooms thanks to visual information that marks the perception of the surrounding environment.

Giulio De Mitri - "Il Volo I, II, III, IV " (2019), methacrylate, multilayer, polypropylene, enamel, luminaires - Installation composed of four elements. Dimensions 30 x 30 x 8 cm each (courtesy: e-GATE - Selected Works)

The Italian Design Institute's Course in Lighting Design.


Italian Design Institute organises a specialisation course for i future lighting designersa full immersion training course to learn the techniques and use of the tools and instruments required to acquire the skills required by a sector that is as fascinating as it is rich in content and constantly being updated.

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