Laura Berni: the interview with the IDI lecturer of the Luxury Interior Design course


Leave the Scia is a reality born out of the partnership of 5 architects, 5 women who have created a common project.
Founded on a shared sensitivity and design method enhanced by the specificities of each of its components, it is based on the communicative power of designdeclined in the different areas of design, interior, retail and corporate image.
We met one of the members of this collective, Laura Berni, new lecturer for Italian Design Institute at postgraduate course in Luxury Interior Design and we interviewed her.


5 architects, 5 women, a common vision: what is Lascia La scia and how was it born?
Leave the Scene was born 11 years ago. We met at university and chose each other to create a design team that initially specialised in interior design. The spark and the main engine that unites us and drives us to take on this entrepreneurial choice is our passion for architecture and interiors and it is what allows us to tackle each project.

Describe each of you in one word...
We are five different heads, each with its own characteristic, but we know that together we work and that we compensate each other as in an orchestra, each element indispensable to the other in order to create a symphony.

Laura : Enterprising
Chiara: Creative
Valentina: Precise
Silvia: Determined
Carola : Curious

How does being a woman influence the end result of your work?
In these years of work experience in the world of architecture, we have tried to accommodate our feminine sensibility in every situation to empathise with the client, with the person in front of us.
Every time we start a new project, we explore the world of those who will then live the result of our work: needs, tastes, ways of being, passions, dreams. This is a fundamental step in interpreting and translating these stimuli into design choices that can give life to environments and atmospheres that truly represent the person/people who will then inhabit them.

What is your signature?
Each project reflects the client's personality. Our signature is based on the search for balance between materials, colours, light, shapes, solids and voids, creating harmony.

You are a lecturer for the Italian Design Institute on the Luxury Interior Design course: what do you pass on to the students during the course?
During the course I will convey my passion for interior design, professionalism and the know-how I have gathered through years of experience.

What is creativity for you?
Creativity is a necessity. It is being able to first see something that does not exist or is not yet recognised and is closely linked to a vision that is transformed into action.

In your opinion, is creativity only innate or can it be 'learned'?
Creativity for some is innate, but I also believe it is a process that needs to be trained every day. If we focus on developing and teaching creativity, I think it can grow more and more, opening up new avenues and unexplored possibilities for people to develop.

What do you feel like saying to all those young people who are about to embark on an educational path in the luxury design sector?
"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams" - Eleanor Roosevelt

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