Italian Design Institute's 'green' training


A master, a course and two specialisations for a training in green design comprehensive and always up-to-date.
This can be summarised astraining offerings of the Italian Design Institutespecifically calibrated for the green sector, with routes dedicated to green designfor both outdoor and indoor use.interior design.
A sector that today represents a true design approach as well as a philosophy aimed at the living wellbeing of spaces.
Proof of this is the fact that greenery is increasingly playing a leading role in interiors, enriching the ambience of homes, offices, restaurants, hotels and public places.
The interior design sector and design in general is placing a lot of emphasis on this type of approach, requiring specialised professionals with specific skills not only in green design, but also in regulatory, architectural, botanical and environmental issues.

1. The Master in Garden Design

A master's degree in garden designparks and green areas, to convey techniques and solutions in accordance with the principle of harmony and perfect integration of the landscape and the harmonious fusion of nature and man's work. The master in garden design by IDI is a full-immersion course based on the integration between the environment and the needs of the client, between functionality and design choices. It includes online preparatory lessons, a phase, the realisation of a project work and an internship at partner companies.


2. The Course in Flower Design

The art and basic and advanced techniques of flower arranging, to learn how to manage a flower arrangement project in all its phases, from concept and design to the choice of flowers and the assembly of the final composition for each type of set-up.
For those who are passionate about flowers, this is the course right!


3. The Postgraduate Course in Green Indoor Design

The objective of the Specialisation in Green Indoor is to train a highly qualified professional figure, with skills in the design of interior greenery, in the acquired awareness of the not only decorative but almost 'therapeutic' role of greenery in the home.
The course proposes to transmit working methods, as well as specific knowledge in the field of reference, thanks to the know-how provided by professionals in the field through the treatment of a specific didactic programme structured in such a way as to develop all the phases of the realisation of a indoor green project.


4. The Postgraduate Course in Green Urbanism

A highly specialised full-immersion course on advanced techniques of designing greenery in urban spaceswith an emphasis on the aesthetic and recreational function of green areas in the city, in terms of the benefits of urban forests, which produce ecosystem goods and services.
The postgraduate course in Green Urbanism is aimed at professionals, architects, garden designers, nurserymen, agronomists and foresters, and all those who want to increase their skills in the field of urban green space design, both in the public and private sector.


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