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Interior Designer

Milan, July 1st - 13th 2019


How to become interior designer

The Master Course in Interior Design by IDI is a complete training course that will teach you advanced design techniques, learning how to manage a design project at all stages, starting from scratch and handling all the details, such as the CAD design and the marketing and communication of the ultimate product.

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interior design

Milan - Rome

What you will learn:

Living spaces design

Exhibition areas design

Retail design

System and problem solving

Materials and furnishing accessories

Elements of bio-architecture

Elements of lighting design

Design software

The training process

Interior Design Master

The purpose of this project is to be used in the field of interior design. The student will be able to design living and working spaces, creating graphic designs always aligned with the market's latest trends, acquiring historical and technical knowledge under the direction of world class designers and lecturers. Art, Architecture, Communication and Fashion are some of the topics that will be dealt with during the course.
Molding and shaping contemporary spaces is a task that requires skills and tastes: the spaces we live and work in, where we spend most of our time, facilitate bonding and inspire people's creativity. Therefore, interior design is required to answer the different needs of comfort and individual expression, efficiency and aggregation, being tailored to working and communication necessities.
The student will explore new skills, while putting the effort into the project work stage focused on innovation and the designer's new skills consolidation. The project will start from scratch, from the basic concept to the technical choices (the materials and colors), to the study of volumes and surfaces. Furthermore, he will analyze the market and the changes in order to learn how to anticipate them and always be ready to update his methods.
The interior designer works on a wide variety of interior spaces: housing, working and reception areas, retail and industrial spaces, showrooms and exhibitions. The designer's technical know-how and personal style is often needed to meet the communication needs of a company, to increase the brand's awareness, market share and reputation.

Job opportunities

The Master Course in Interior Design by IDI is for students and professionals in the field of architecture, industrial design and related areas. 2D models. Interior designer - become a freelance designer or interior designer - become a CAD designer of interior spaces, or an expert in virtual and 3D modeling for retail and industrial spaces.

Master's topics

Living and Retail Design
  • Designing spaces
  • Decorating interiors
  • Special areas: attics, basements, gardens & terraces
  • Taking advantage of narrow spaces
  • Mixing styles
  • Psychology of color
  • Laws & regulations
  • Quotes and metrics
  • Lighting design
  • Bioarchitecture
Systems and problem solving
  • Thermo-hydraulic systems for design
  • Artificial lighting
  • Tools and components
Materials and furnishings
  • Furniture and furnishings
  • Pavements and coatings
  • Plaster and painting
  • Choosing the materials: criteria of selection
  • Composite materials and their use
  • Metal, glass, wood, ceramic and new materials
  • Plastic materials

Free license for:

Cad furniture

12 months free access to the Material Connexion library will be granted to the master's students.

Material Connexion Italy

The Rome edition of the Master will take place in:

Campus X Rome

Training phases

  • Preparatory classes: texts + online platform
  • Lessons: 96 h (Milan)
  • Individual project work
  • Internship: 300 h in a partner company located in a region of the student's choice
  • Max. Number of participants: 18

How to apply

  • Within your few working days. The scholarly and working CV of the candidates will be together, with the motivational letter and a portfolio containing the previous works. The examining commission, will communicate the result to the candidate, forwarding the application module for the course or the master, ready for submission.


  • Installment Payments accepted;
  • Job orientation during the course;
  • Video CV shooting at the end of the course;
  • Curriculum Vitae update and dissemination to IDI's partner companies at the end of the course;
  • Accomodation to the hotel.


Teaching staff

  • Armando Bruno
    Armando Bruno Interior and Product Designer
  • Marco Toro
    Marco Toro Architect
  • Lorenzo Longo
    Lorenzo Longo Designer
  • Luca Solazzo
    Luca Solazzo Architect Designer
  • Marco Amadio
    Marco Amadio Industrial Designer

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