HAEDU, partner and special location of the course in Toys Design at IDI


HAEDU: it only takes a few letters to be catapulted into a world made fantastic, that of this extraordinary Italian start-up, founded by Franco Lisciani and Maurizio Bascianospecialising in designing games, apps and educational toys, designed to train and develop lifelong learning and multiple intelligences in children.

With a keen sensitivity to the different stages of growth of each child, the company is constantly and constantly updating and has been able to meet the challenges dictated by the digital revolution and the new interconnected worlds make it indispensable to constantly renew one's knowledge in order to be fit for the future. 

Haedu follows an innovative method aimed at stimulating the multiple intelligences of children through play and fun learning devices.

To train a lifelong learning capacity in a spontaneous and unforced way, to accompany children from a very early age in learning and strengthening their various aptitudes. This is the approach of HAEDU, whose products deal with:

  • developing logical thinking
  • stimulating visual memory
  • train fine manual dexterity.
  • develop attention,
  • help concentration,
  • training manual dexterity,
  • stimulate logical thinking and visual-spatial orientation.

Through play, the aptitudes of each child emerge, and at the same time, those in which they are 'less strong' can be strengthened.

Play as learning, but also as a learning experience, as a tool to discover the talents of the youngest children, to develop skills, inclinations etc...

Thanks to the collaboration with leading educators, expert pedagogues, the HAEDU research centre promotes educational activities and designs fun and engaging teaching devices made from durable, quality materials such as wood, cardboard, fabric and many others.

A refined and original style makes the child's play experience even more interesting and engaging.

The Toys Design Course of the Italian Design Institute

HAEDU is now an IDI partner for the course in Toys Design. This is an important partnership for those who want to become toy designers, who have the opportunity first of all to follow the course in the company's extraordinary premises and to see the entire production process up close, from the idea to its development, from the research study for age groups to the realisation of the final product.

The objective of the Specialisation Course is not only to learn a working method, but to approach the world of childhood through the concept of a game and its representation.

The Toys Designer deals with the design and production of toys. He is a highly specialised figure as he designs products with a focus on the world of education, responding to the needs of today's ever-changing society.

Partner and special guest of the course, children's writer and illustrator GABRIELE CLIMAauthor of books translated into 15 languages. With 'THE SUN BETWEEN YOUR FINGERS' won the 2017 Andersen Prize for the best book for children over 15.

The Specialisation Course is aimed at designers, graphic designers, interior designers, architects, illustrators, planners, educators.

If you want more information on the course in Toys Design, click here.

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