Fashion photography: the meeting of design and art at all levels


When fashion photography was born in 1839, it had only one purpose: to sell. Today, the identity of the fashion photography industry is quite complex and the role of photography cannot simply be reduced to an important aspect of fashion shows; in fact, it is closely linked to the sensation it creates and inspires in the target audience.
When we talk about fashion photography, we are talking about two fields that enter into close osmosis; the fashion industry of fashion unites two worlds and concepts of high moral standing: on the one hand, photography itself, with all its dictates and unwritten laws, and on the other hand, fashion, which is the highest aesthetic sense.
Great fashion photographers can work with different brands, lenses and creative parameters to show exactly what each brand stands for, who they are or where their brand is positioned in the industry. Every brand has a story to tell and fashion photography can be used as a way to capture it.

Ideas at the heart of the photographic industry of the past

In the past, the most successful fashion photographers were able to best capture and represent the spirit of the years in which they lived.
These masters of photography were able to create new worlds of unique and unmistakable style by making fashion a true mirror of time.
If we think of the fashion photography in the early days, our memories take us back to the glossy magazine images with their decidedly garish colours and sensual silhouettes of men and women who on more than one occasion disturbed the sleep of those who admired them.
And yet, fashion photography saw its birth a long time ago, with the aim, ever since, of creating in the reader the dual need for desire and emulation, at the same time
A narrative element that unfolds through images and whose purpose is to celebrate changing and verisimilar beauty by giving voice not only to the dress but also to the idealised body: fashion photography represented pure praise and inspiration.

Four fashion photographers who have already become iconic today: fashion and current values through the lens.

1. Brooklyn photographer Dana Scruggs

Dana Scruggs is a photographer based in Brooklyn, New York.
Dana spent much of her time reading and daydreaming and these moments of introspection resulted in a reflective and unique perspective on photography, elevating change to a form of profound transformation.
Dana seems to want to re-empower every kind of body and identity, from curvy models to trans womentogether with the many vibrant shades of black, ignored by insidious and discriminating stereotypes.
The difficult relationship with her father also increased Dana's interest in the male universe: 'I want to capture the male form within and through its layers of physicality, vulnerability and masculinity.


2. Yoshiyuki Okuyama, the photographer of feelings

He was born a photographer and then grew up to become a video maker. Originally from Tokyo, Yoshiyuki Okuyama, born in 1991, has a personal and sentimental idea of the image.
His way of photographing is intimate and personal, in each of his pictures the bond he manages to establish with the people in front of his camera shines through.
Yoshiyuki is definitely a photographer who goes beyond the ordinary. Using cutting-edge techniques, this fashion photographer tries to capture a fragment of the present and turn it into something unique and out of the ordinary.
Youshiyuki is an inspirational fashion photographer for those who experience fashion as a performance of feelings.


3. Maisie Cousin, the mix of beauty and disgust

The work of the fashion photographer Maisie Cousinsat first comes like a blow to the stomach.
Beyond the first visual impact, however, she presents herself as a rich source of inspiration. In her work, Maisie swirls in a colourful visual delirium, mixing elements of sublime beauty, such as flowers and female body parts, with grotesque elements. Hers is an uninhibited, unabashed, close-up and therefore sincere gaze.
From Prada in Cartier the big names in fashion are courting her unabashedly.


4. Arianna Lago, the lens marked by a love of nature and travelling

Arianna was born in Italy but lives in London. Her series of images are constructed like a song, in which her passion for travel and nature combine with her interest in fashion and music. His style focuses on the manipulation of organic compositions to which he applies a strong colour sensibility. Using mostly 35 mm, his work conveys an effortless fragility.
Arianna first studied music sound art, in love with the idea of creating music and manipulating sounds in combination with images.
Later, however, she discovered that what she really enjoyed doing was creating images while listening to music.
Well-known customers include Vogue Italia, Sleek, Monocle, Metal, Roksanda, IIUVO and Truss.
Photography is a relatively new career path for her, but her fascination with images, colours and light has accompanied her throughout her life, a factor that becomes evident when looking at her compositions combining art and fashion.


The IDI master's degree for fashion editor, photography & digital media

The growing demand from the industry for professionals prepared to work in the field of fashion narrative, be it publishing, photographers or communication in a more general sense, gave rise to the Master's degree for fashion editor, photography & digital media from IDI.
The master's course trains a high-level professional figure, endowed with strong creative skills and a distinct aesthetic sense, able to navigate between different styles in the use of creative tools in communication processes with reference to publishing, photography and advertising and journalistic communication in the fashion area.

The objectives of the course include training suited to analysing or discovering new trends, working alongside fashion editors and journalists, learning techniques, digital and social strategies, interpreting and defining the message and meaning of a collection at photo shoots, fashion shows, promotional initiatives and events.
The part dedicated to communication for fashion provides the student with detailed knowledge of the main editorial activities within a press office, with a focus on the design of advertising campaigns, interviews, editorials and reports.
Fill out the information request form on Master's degree for fashion editor, photography & digital media from IDI and you will be contacted within a few days!

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