Aesthetics of light: the ethereal beauty of lamps revealed by the secrets of lighting design


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Whatever size it is, whatever the budget for furnishing it, home is the comfortable place that welcomes us every day and for this reason, creating a space that is warm and welcoming is indispensable. Without adequate lighting, interior architecture cannot be experienced to its fullest: good lighting ensures a comfortable, inviting and functional atmosphere; for this reason, the Lighting Design is one of the most important elements in decorating a space. Choosing thebetter lighting involves a balance between personal taste, style and functionality.

The importance of lighting points

Who deals with Lighting Design knows that in the design phase of an environment the lighting aspect plays a fundamental role; light, in fact, influences our sensory perception and is capable of enhancing spaces, making them more functional, more comfortable and more beautiful. Therefore, if cleverly designed, light sources have the power to enhance and highlight spaces, as well as architectural and furnishing elements.

Objects from the world: Turkish lanterns from One Thousand and One Nights

When it comes to handicrafts, Turkey has a centuries-old tradition dating back to the Ottoman Empire. A special mention among the products of this land undoubtedly deserves the typical handmade lamps characterised by the beautiful work of incorporating coloured crystals one by one into a crystal sphere like a real mosaic: with these furnishing objects, Turkey reminds us that an interior lamp to create a the Thousand and One Nights exists. Each lamp encapsulates the tradition of a job and the history of people whose skills have helped make it unique: the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul, one of the most visited places in the world, each year sees thousands of tourists buying these oil lamps as souvenirs. The Turkish lanterns can be placed at different heights, but there are some that lend themselves better to being at ground level, especially the larger ones; others, on the other hand, with or without an arm, are preferably placed on dressers, tables, bedside tables.
La light from Turkish lamps is atmospheric in all situations: even if these accessories originate as indoor furnishing accessories, in summer they are perfect for making a garden or balcony dinner enchanting.

The Italian Design Institute's Lighting Design course

corso-lighting-design | italian-design-institute

Taking care of an all-round lighting project, harmonising one's work with that of the architect and interior designer, is the task of Lighting Designer, a figure who is also involved in the preservation of artistic and cultural heritage, finding sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions to illuminate places of art and beauty.
In detail, this is a professional who must have an excellent knowledge of the physical characteristics of light as well as of lighting control techniques and tools.
Much more than just Specialisation course, Italian Design Institute organises training courses for new generations of creative people with the aim of teaching the techniques of Lighting Design aimed at creating absolute harmony between their work and the surrounding architecture and furnishings, while also seeking sustainable solutions with low environmental impact and low energy consumption.
You are intrigued by the fascinating world of Lighting Design?
Request an interview with the Italian Design Institute to receive more information!

corso-lighting-design | italian-design-institute
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