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Our teachers

The professional achievement of the students is our goal, for this we offer paths of the highest quality, with lessons held by professors of recognized experience in their field, capable of transmit knowledge and passion at the same time, always aiming for excellence.

Here the teaching staff complete with IDI training courses, constantly updated:

  • Silvio De Ponte Conti
    Silvio De Ponte Conti Architect and Lighting Designer
  • Alexander Bellman
    Alexander Bellman Architect and Lighting Designer
  • Claudia Giacomobello
    Claudia Giacomobello Lighting Designer
  • Giovanni Liotta
    Giovanni Liotta Lighting Designer
  • Arianna Birnunzio
    Arianna Birnunzio Fashion Designer
  • Gianluca Bartolini
    Gianluca Bartolini Car Designer
  • Simone Cannolicchio
    Simone Cannolicchio Product designer
  • Francesco Castiglione Morelli
    Francesco Castiglione Morelli Art director
  • Irene Warriors
    Irene Warriors Architect and Designer
  • Alessandro Bianchi
    Alessandro Bianchi Architect
  • Graziana Calabrese
    Graziana Calabrese Interior Designer
  • Simone Micheli
    Simone Micheli Architect
  • Paolo Cassandro
    Paolo Cassandro Architect
  • Roberta Colla
    Roberta Colla Visual & Graphic Designer
  • Giorgia Pallotti
    Giorgia Pallotti PR & Event manager
  • Chiara Sgreccia
    Chiara Sgreccia Giornalista
  • Luca Giardino
    Luca Giardino Interior, Product & Graphic Designer
  • Gianluca Tassi
    Gianluca Tassi Designer
  • Zippitelli Piermarino
    Zippitelli Piermarino Designer and Advertising
  • Alessandro Maria Polito
    Alessandro Maria Polito Visual Designer
  • Anna Paola Tortoroglio
    Anna Paola Tortoroglio
  • Carlo Aliverti
    Carlo Aliverti
  • Stefano Mengoli
    Stefano Mengoli
  • Carlos Gago Rodriguez
    Carlos Gago Rodriguez
  • Marco Amadio
    Marco Amadio Industrial Designer
  • Marco Amadio
    Marco Amadio Car and Yacht Designer
  • Mirna Casadei
    Mirna Casadei
  • Claudio Pasqua
    Claudio Pasqua
  • Marco Piva
    Marco Piva Architect and Interior Designer
  • Flavio Mirabella
    Flavio Mirabella Interior Designer
  • Marco Colletti
    Marco Colletti Engineer and Interior Designer
  • Fabiana Coalova
    Fabiana Coalova
  • Ivan Silvio Bassini
    Ivan Silvio Bassini
  • Sergio Vinci
    Sergio Vinci
  • Massimiliano Brugia
    Massimiliano Brugia
  • Valerio Campi
    Valerio Campi
  • Lucia Catenacci
    Lucia Catenacci
  • Luigi Filetici
    Luigi Filetici
  • Maurizio Corbi
    Maurizio Corbi Senior Car Designer
  • Patrizia Pozzi
    Patrizia Pozzi Landscape architect
  • Armando Bruno
    Armando Bruno Interior and Product Designer
  • Luca Solazzo
    Luca Solazzo Architect Designer
  • Enrica Melotto
    Enrica Melotto Visual Merchandiser
  • Vittorio Mariani
    Vittorio Mariani Naval designer
  • Andrea Mocellin
    Andrea Mocellin Transportation Designer
  • Alessandra Cirulli
    Alessandra Cirulli Fashion designer and teacher
  • Eleonora Lucarelli
    Eleonora Lucarelli Handbag & Accessories designer
  • Elena Bardon
    Elena Bardon Shoes designer Sergio Rossi Spa
  • Ubaldo Betocchi
    Ubaldo Betocchi 3D printer
  • Francesca Romana Lombardi
    Francesca Romana Lombardi Event planner
  • Maya De Roo
    Maya De Roo Floral designer
  • Daniele Gori
    Daniele Gori Florist and Flower designer
  • Stefano Laprocina
    Stefano Laprocina Agronomist, CEO Green Profile
  • Sonia Santella
    Sonia Santella Garden designer and journalist
  • Pierpaolo Tagliola
    Pierpaolo Tagliola Landscape architect
  • Valerio Gerboni
    Valerio Gerboni Naval architect and yacht designer
  • Stefano Milanesi
    Stefano Milanesi Naval engineer
  • Marco Amadio
    Marco Amadio Naval and automotive designers
  • Nicolò Azzara
    Nicolò Azzara Automotive Designer
  • Zaira Capone
    Zaira Capone Visual Merchandising trainer
  • Gianfranco Giacoma Caire
    Gianfranco Giacoma Caire Visual Marketing expert
  • Lorenzo Longo
    Lorenzo Longo Designer
  • Marco Toro
    Marco Toro Architect

Cultivate excellence

"A teacher who tries to teach
without inspiring the pupil's desire to learn
he is hammering a cold iron. "
- Horace Mann -

  • Technical competence
  • Study support
  • Transmitting the passion

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