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L'Italy has always been an excellence in the automotive sector, by virtue of both the major automotive companies present in our country and the strong presence of avant-garde bodywork and style centres. The automotive market is constantly growing and therefore requires highly qualified and specialised figures. One of these is certainly that of the Car Designer. To become Car Designer a professional should not be limited to having only drawing knowledge but must have much broader skills. The Car Designer is an expert in car design, body design, bodywork, accessories, lighting, interior accessories and trim elements.

Therefore, those who want to become Car Designer must combine concepts of physics and aesthetics with sociological, environmental, anthropological and urban mobility concepts. The Car Designer He is, therefore, not only the one who is in charge of designing the car, but must take care of realising special and original solutions for the mobility and habitability of the vehicle, guaranteeing not only the beauty of the product but, above all, efficiency and safety, with an eye on technological innovations.

A research by theCSA Research Institute has shown that an average European motorist spends four years and one month in a car during his or her lifetime. One understands, therefore, the importance of cars in our lives, whether used for personal or business purposes. As a result, one realises how crucial the role of the Car Designer.

The areas of automotive design.

Automotive design is basically divided into three macro areas:

  1. Exterior design: the designers in this area take care of the exterior profile of a vehicle, first creating a draft to be later converted into a digital format.
  2. Interior design: in this area of automotive design, the aim is to take care of the interior comfort of the vehicle for all passengers and to organise the arrangement of controls and comforts in the best places in the vehicle, always ensuring the best safety. You start by making a sketch on a sheet of paper and then transfer it all digitally to the computer.
  3. The last area concerns the colour, shape and materials to be used in both the interior and exterior of the vehicle, always respecting the criteria of beauty, comfort and safety. The designer in this field also plays the role of researcher.

The different areas that designers can deal with, therefore, require very specific and varied skills.

Within these areas, then, those who want to become Car Designer can cover various positions: creative designer, advanced designer, marketing designer, product designer, ergonome designer, aerodynamics expert and graphic designer.

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Automotive design: Italian excellence

The Italian automotive industry has always been recognised as world-class. The great Italian brands have often influenced the entire automotive industry. The most illustrious Italian groups internationally are Pinifarina, Bertone Design e Italdesign Giugiaro.

  1. Pininfarina

    The company founded in 1930 by Baptist Farina is one of the best coachbuilders in the world, with more than 100 models of Ferrari designed. A collaboration that continues to this day and is in addition to those with Peugeot, Alfa Romeo, Lance, Honda, Jaguar, Cadillac, Bentley, Maserati, Rolls Royce. Among the cars designed by Pininfarina the most representative is undoubtedly the Ferrari 308 GTB.
    "Experience, creativity, innovation"is their slogan, a slogan that perfectly reflects the work done in almost 90 years of history (official website).

    diventare car designer skills e aree di competenza italian design institute 2
    In photo: Ferrari 308 GTB
  2. Bertone Design

    La Bertone Design is another of Italy's automotive excellences. Founded in 1912, it has signed top models with Lamborghini, Fiat, Lance e Citroën. In recent years, the group has also been involved in the architectural and design planning of the Frecciarossa 1000 with Trenitalia and the train Jazz with Alstom. The most famous car model designed by the Bertone Group is the Fiat Pandanamed car of the year in 2004 (official website)

    diventare car designer skills e aree di competenza italian design institute 3
    In photo: Fiat Panda
  3. Italdesign Giugiaro

    La Italdesign Giugiaro was founded in 1968 by Giorgetto Giugiaro, a designer trained in the Bertone Design. The group's main collaboration is with the German car manufacturer Volkswagenfor which he made three historic cars as Passat, Sirocco e Golf. A collaboration so important that in 2010 it led the Volkswagen to purchase theItaldesgin Giugiaro under the brand name of the holding company Lamborghini (official website).

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The Automotive Design Experience of the Italian Design Institute.

L'Automotive Design Experience of IDI is the most comprehensive vocational training in the field of transportation design, divided into 3 modules: CAR DESIGN, YACHT DESIGN AND E-BIKE DESIGN.
This master's course will allow you to enter an innovative world, learning theoretical and practical techniques for the design and implementation of a Automotive entirely environmentally sustainable.
The course includes a rich programme of topics, divided into the following macro areas:

  • Nautical design
  • Automotive design
  • History and design of the bicycle
  • 3D graphics and modelling
  • Materials
  • Plants and reliefs
  • Drawing techniques

A complete course that includes:

  • Preparatory lessons: online platform + final test
  • Up-to-date textbooks and teaching materials provided by the organisation
  • A classroom phase lasting 400 hours + 5 field trips
  • Project work with the realisation of 3 projects that will be examined at the end
    of the experience
  • Final Examination with presentation of final projects
  • Dissemination of the professional profile at national level
  • Certifications issued by Italian Design Institute: McNeel Level 1 and Level 2 Certificate

Becoming a Car Designer: professional opportunities.

The students, once they have completed the training as a car designerthey can find employment in the technical studios and style centres of car manufacturers, or start their own professional car & automotive design studio.

Thanks to the training received, it will be possible to take care of all phases of a project:

  1. acquisition and management of statistical data
  2. graphic and 3D design
  3. internal communication and external promotion phase.

Le career prospects in the automotive sector are numerous: major national and international companies are in fact looking for new talent to realise projects for major automotive brands.
A very interesting area is that of highly innovative and environmentally friendly alternative technologies that lead to a strong reduction in the environmental impact of transport.

A car designer's update.

One of the most important aspects for a car designer is updating. In another articleWe have dealt with precisely this, emphasising how important it is to continue to keep up to date. One only has to think, for example, of the evolution of the urban and road context, electric vehicles and the appearance of control units around Italy's most important cities. Just as the demand for hybrid cars is increasing, so is the scenario in which the car designer has to work.

A video to tell the magic of Car Design.

Making of - Shell V Power Car Video Mapping from ArtNPars on Vimeo.

You want to become Car Designer? Sign up for the most comprehensive course in the industry in Italy. Choose theAutomotive Design Experience.

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