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Product Design

Milan, 30 September - 12 October 2019

Become a product designer

Do you want to become a product designer?
Il Masters in Product Design IDI is a full-immersion professional training course that will allow you to learn about the various phases related to product design, concept development, communication through sketches and 3d modeling.

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product design


What you will learn:

History of Design and Made in Italy

Materials (chemical-physical, performance, structural and functional characteristics)

Psychology of color

Define the product concept

The methods of industrial design

The communication of the project

Product - craft

Lettering and Handpainting

Product and sub-categories

Design software: rhinoceros

Marketing elements

The training process

Master in Product Design

Design is par excellence Italian and this statement defines the exciting program that explores the contemporary design sector. The current lifestyle and today's customer needs require a greater need for products that respond to a specific function, but at the same time aesthetically appealing and contemporary. This full-immersion product design course provides participants with a vision and experience of the current meaning of product design through all phases and activities involved, offering them the opportunity to create a new product starting from concept design through the production, the realization of a model and the commercialization . The master offers participants the skills and knowledge to turn an idea into a successful product. The objective of the Master in Product Design IDI is to train a complete professional in the field of product design, able to realize different types of objects according to the different materials used in the industrial and artisanal field, through graphic and computerized prototypes, without never lose sight of the dominant trends and tastes on the market. The student will make a solid project methodology that, starting from ethical, social and sustainability values, will allow him to have a strategic planning thought.

Completing the project path, the knowledge of tools that allow to develop, verify and tell the project: pencil, software for 3D modeling and rendering. The master's student explores new possibilities, putting into practice the skills acquired in the classroom phase already during the project work, focused on innovation and consolidation of the concepts acquired. Developing a product design project starting from the concept and the techniques and materials, passing through the study of colors, volumes and surfaces, to arrive at 3D rendering, the student will have a global and concrete perception of the changes taking place on the market, learning to read the signs that anticipate new trends. Among the spaces that fall within the field of activity of the Product Designer, in addition to the more traditional ones related to the industrial world such as furnishing accessories, lamps, utensils and home appliances, the artisan products made with the use have gained great attention. of traditional materials such as ceramics, textiles, paper and wood. These materials are used by the Product Designer to put into practice their technical and stylistic know-how and to meet the needs of corporate communication and product marketing.

Job opportunities

The Master in Product Design IDI is aimed at graduates in architecture, industrial design, engineering, students from design schools or applied arts or related subjects; candidates who have gained significant professional experience in the sector.
The knowledge acquired during this training will allow you to successfully practice the profession, entering the market as freelancers, or within the design or craft industry, in design studies of product design.
Among the alternative outlets are the areas of technical production for the design of industrial products, design as a technical designer, CAD designer, assistance in research materials and technical components, project assistance in the development of conceptual solutions and executive design.

Topics Covered

History of Design and Made in Italy
  • Focus on the icons of the design world (national and international)
Materials (chemical-physical, performance, structural and functional characteristics)
  • The choice of materials in the design phase
  • Materials, composite materials and main use
  • Metals, traditional and innovative ceramics, glass, wood, plastics
Psychology of color
Define the product concept
The methods of industrial design
  • Idea and step of analysis and research
  • Product concepts
  • Designer and customer needs
  • Product Specifications
  • Generation of product concepts and their selection
  • Fixing of the guidelines that will accompany the final project
  • Final specifications and project planning
The communication of the project
  • Sketches: the representation of design ideas
  • Creation of a moodboard
  • Production technologies
  • 2D and 3D rendering
  • Graphic design of the image
  • Multimedia and product
  • Molds and prototyping
Product - craft
Lettering and Handpainting
Product and sub-categories
Design software: rhinoceros
Marketing elements
Guided tours and workshops

Programme Stages

  • Preliminary lessons: educational material and platform with video lessons
  • Classroom phase: 96 hours
  • Project work: realization of an individual project
  • Stage of internship: 200 hours of training internship at companies / design studios throughout the country
  • Max. Participants: 18

How to apply

  • Fill out the information request form and we will contact you within a few days. In the selection of candidates will be considered the school and work CV, in addition to the motivational letter produced; it is possible to support the candidacy with a portfolio of previous works. Considering these elements, the examining board will communicate the result of the selection and admission to the Course / Master, by submitting the registration form.


  • Opportunity of financing the enrollment fee;
  • Professional orientation meeting during the classroom stage;
  • CV video realization during full-immersion;
  • CV revision and updating for sending it to companies in the design sector at the end of the training process;
  • Reports of accommodation facilities in areas adjacent to the venue of the classroom stage.



  • Francesco Castiglione Morelli
    Francesco Castiglione Morelli Art director

    Francesco Castiglione Morelli was born in Florence in the 1963. He works in fashion and photography projects, comics and animation films. During his architecture studies at La Sapienza University in Rome he participates in contests and exhibitions and winning several prizes. Consultant of the SMH group for the design of the new Swatch, he is currently Art Director of the Castiglione Morelli Design studio and SEIKO consultant for the design of the new EPSON printers.

  • Simone Cannolicchio
    Simone Cannolicchio Product designer

    Simone Cannolicchio founded the research and design group Dorothy Gray in the 2004, with whom he took part in the new furniture designer at the Salone del Mobile, winning the Special Mention Audience. Product designer, 3d modeling expert and design informatics, has started the activity "Handwritten Writings" that explores the world of signpainting and handlettering. In addition to having designed products such as the Log chair and the Blog armchair for the company Arrmet, he has followed the development and installation of exhibitions at Pitti Uomo, Pitti Bimbo, Salone del Mobile and Fabtech Chicago.

  • Gianluca Bartolini
    Gianluca Bartolini Car Designer

    Gianluca Bartolini is a product, car and multimedia designer at Pininfarina. He studied Industrial Design at the Politecnico di Milano, learning to follow all the technical phases of the design, from the concept to the production, up to the market. He specializes in Transportation & Automobile Design: exterior & interior design, color & trim design, 3D modeling, Clay modeling and Virtual prototyping. After working experiences in Finland and Sweden, he moved to Turin at Pininfarina, where he worked on real time visualization, 3d animation, graphic and videomaking, digital rendering.

  • Lorenzo Longo
    Lorenzo Longo Designer

    Trained at the IED in Milan, after graduation he held a teaching position in the three-year courses in Interior Design. In 2006 he founded De Signum Studio Lab in Milan ( Its products and fittings take part annually in the London Design Week, Light & Building events in Frankfurt, Maison et Objet in Paris, the Milan and Moscow Furniture Fair. From 2012 he has a professorship at the Master in Interior Design IDI and Guest Professor at the Polytechnic of Bari. He works transversally in all fields of design and architecture, guides companies in the process of internationalization and in the development of a creative apparatus.

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