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Home Staging

Rome, 23-28 September 2019

Become a home stager

Do you want to become Home stager?
The IDI Home Staging Specialization is a full-immersion professional training course that will allow you to learn about the various techniques related to the practice of setting up a space, aimed at selling / renting, with skills in photographic technique, marketing and communication.

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Home Staging


Preliminary lessons: video lessons on the online platform
Classroom phase: 48 hours
Project work phase: realization of an individual project
Max. participants: 25

The training process

Specialization course in Home Staging

The specialization in Home staging of Italian Design Institute is a highly practical and professional training course, able to provide specific skills in the design sector with particular attention paid to the commercial aspect.
The Home Stager in fact takes care of the presentation and preparation of a space for sale / rent, recreating for the occasion, whether it is a living or commercial space, a real scene.
Marketing and communication techniques, photography, decoration and interior design and furnishings, as well as creativity and ability to personalize the property are the skills that are acquired during specialization, where you can learn how to
transforming a home, emphasizing it and making it as attractive as possible to the target audience.
If the interior designer is called upon to create a project that meets the needs, tastes and needs of a single user, or the client, the home stager puts into action a series of techniques designed to seek the attention of the largest number possible of buyers.
Home staging is therefore configured as interior design applied to the real estate market and to the sale and purchase.
The specialization is aimed at all those who want to pursue a professional career as home stager or industry enthusiasts, such as interior designers, real estate agents, stylists, art buyers, furniture experts and architects.

Job opportunities

The Home stager works like:

  • consultant with private individuals or in collaboration with real estate agencies who use the support of a professional to enhance the apartments
  • consultant for the relooking of the preparation of hotels and large hotels is the next step (by scale of intervention) with respect to the micro-receptivity
  • expert and writer of editorial content for portals and magazines
  • set-up of photo shoots and television studios, set for wedding photography, or
    special occasions, fairs, stands and event spaces
  • consultant for home relooking of private spaces, homes, offices
  • consultant at Architectural and Interior Design Studies, which offer home staging as an additional service compared to those offered
  • Visual merchandising consultant.

Topics Covered

  • The origins of home staging: what is home staging, the advantages and the characteristics
  • Difference between home stager and interior designer
  • How to find customers and how to propose yourself on the market
  • Overview of the Italian real estate market
  • How to communicate a property today
  • How to set up for the real estate market
  • How to set up for the tourist market (short-term rentals / tourist rentals)
  • The importance of professional photography in home staging - the expert speaks
  • How a home staging intervention takes place
  • The professional outlets
  • Examples and analysis of interventions carried out
  • Outlines of marketing, deepening of web marketing and professional use of Social Media
  • SEO placement on the front page of Google about your business
  • Creation of moodboards for the fitting project
  • Practice "on stage"

The training process

  • Preliminary lessons: video lessons on the online platform
  • Classroom phase: 48 hours
  • Project work phase: realization of an individual project
  • Max. Participants: 25

How to apply

  • Download the registration form or fill in the information request form with your details and we will contact you within a few working days. In the selection of candidates will be considered the school and work CV, in addition to the motivational letters produced. You can support your candidacy with a portfolio of previous jobs and projects. Considering all these elements, the examining board will communicate the result of the selection and admission to the Course / Master, submitting the registration form ready for completion and submission.


  • Opportunity of financing the enrollment fee;
  • Reporting of accommodation facilities in areas adjacent to the venue of the classroom phase.


  • Mirna Casadei
    Mirna Casadei

    Expert in home staging and tutor in the transmission Detto Fatto su rai Due, Mirna Casadei boasts, among other things, a twenty-year experience as an event organizer, set designer, graphic designer. A multifaceted personality, he has always cultivated his passion for interior design, furnishing, design and for IKEA inaugurates a new exclusive pop-up store for the Moodboard service. Mirna Casadei will explain the characteristics, applications and potential of the brand new profession of home stager, of which she is one of the greatest exponents in Italy. We therefore remain in the field of interior design and atmospheres at home, but with particular attention to the real estate market and the world of receptivity.

  • Claudio Pasqua
    Claudio Pasqua

    Registered with the Piedmontese journalists, he began his career as a Web Specialist in 1996 at the Polytechnic of Turin, where he held his first teaching at the Faculty of Architecture, at the University of Turin, and at the University of Milan. on subjects related to digital communication and architectural CAD design. In 1998 under the supervision of the laboratory director, real and virtual models creates the multimedia work that won the Compasso d'Oro Honorable Mention Award. Currently he deals with Web Reputation and business communication strategies with digital media. SEO Expert and SEM worked alongside Google in communication strategies and business positioning and in managing campaigns such as Google Adv. He is director in charge of habitante.it, a digital content farm that deals with marketing and communication, born from a project designed to support the Leroy Merlin Italia House Observatory and developed together with Unione Nazionale Consumatori.

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