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Flower Design

Rome, 21 - 26 October 2019

Become a flower designer

Do you want to become a flower designer?
The Flower Design Course IDI is a full-immersion professional training course that will allow you to learn basic and advanced floral composition techniques, learning how to manage a flower arrangement project in all its phases, from concept and design to choice of flowers and the assembly of the final composition.

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flower design


What you will learn:

Theories and techniques of floral composition

Elements of Botany

Ligature, binding and fixing techniques

Wedding and events

Design, design and proportions of the floral composition

The manipulation of floral forms

Awareness of volumes and control of space

Colors and emotions in the floral composition

How to design a floral event

Marketing elements of the flower sector

Materials, accessories and professional tools

The training process

Flower Design Course

The course of Flower Design was born with the aim of training a professional who is an artist at the same time, able to design with creativity and refinement floral arrangements ornamental, using flowers, plants and related materials (natural and artificial).
The preparation of indoor and outdoor spaces for receptions, ceremonies or welcoming events, but also in more intimate private settings, is a work of continuous research into new forms, structures and materials, which requires a thorough knowledge of the characteristics of color, shape and fragrance of numerous species of flowers and plants. At the same time it is essential to acquire the design techniques, composition and assembly of the flower arrangement, in addition to a theoretical and practical training that combines the development of manual skills with some hints of the history of the discipline, necessary to read the trends of the reference market in the most effective way.
Through a strongly practical approach, the educational path of the Flower Design IDI course aims to stimulate the creativity of the participants and lead them to acquire techniques and executive methods of the highest level, which allow the floral designer to free their potential.
The ultimate goal is to train a specialist in setting up the decorations for events such as weddings, receptions, festivals and congresses, a figure who is fully aware of the physical and ornamental characteristics of the materials used (plants, flowers, creepers, artificial supports and decorations) and knows how to intervene on the conservation of the environment and the resolution of problems of integration with existing infrastructures, in harmony between nature and architecture.
During the full-immersion classroom phase, visits to important local churches are planned to study the architectural forms - to be used in the best way during the floral arrangement of weddings and ceremonies - and at the flower market, where students can gain experience in choosing the basic tools for their work.

Job opportunities

The Flower Design Course is open to all those who want to develop high-level technical skills, to enhance their creativity and establish themselves professionally in a sector with great job opportunities, especially in the field of wedding flower design, where the florist / designer has the opportunity to work side by side with wedding planner, photographers and video makers who value the mostfloral decorative art, with the common goal of generating an unforgettable emotional experience for the participants. This training course also provides all the skills necessary to work on their own by opening one flower kiosk or to collaborate with event organization agencies as a specialist in flower arrangement.

Topics Covered

Theories and techniques of floral composition
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical composition
  • Decorative composition
  • Parallel composition
  • Vegetative style
Floral Design
  • Elements of botany
  • Ligature, binding and fixing techniques
  • Design, design and proportions in the floral composition
  • The manipulation of floral forms
  • Awareness of volumes and control of space
  • Marketing elements in the flower sector
Colors and emotions applied to the floral composition
  • Color theory
  • The natural style
  • Harmonies and color contrasts, color properties, visual communication
How to design a floral event
  • Architectural styles of churches and typical locations for a reception
  • Fabrics and furnishings in the ceremony
Materials, accessories and professional tools
  • Purchase of flowers
  • Treatment and conservation of flowers
  • The tools
  • Consumables
  • Use of the sponge
  • Use of vases and containers

Examples of Project work

Project work n ° 1
Project work n ° 2
Project work n ° 3
Project work n ° 4

Programme Stages

  • Preliminary lessons: teaching materials
  • Classroom phase: 48 hours
  • Project work: realization of an individual project
  • Stage of internship: Internships of 200 hours at partner companies in the region of interest of the participant
  • Max. Participants: 15

How to apply

  • Fill out the information request form and we will contact you within a few days. In the selection of candidates will be considered the school and work CV, in addition to the motivational letter produced; it is possible to support the candidacy with a portfolio of previous works. Considering these elements, the examining board will communicate the result of the selection and admission to the Course / Master, by submitting the registration form.


  • Opportunity of financing the enrollment fee;
  • Professional orientation meeting during the classroom stage;
  • CV video realization during full-immersion;
  • CV revision and updating for sending it to companies in the design sector at the end of the training process;
  • Reports of accommodation facilities in areas adjacent to the venue of the classroom stage.



  • Daniele Gori
    Daniele Gori Florist and Flower designer
    Son of art, Daniele Gori develops his passion for floral art from a young age, trying to spread the use of flowers as a fundamental element of design. Graduated as a European florist, he adheres to the Cedrif (Design Center and Floral Research) and enriches his professional training with courses and seminars held by great masters of European floral art. The over twenty years experience in the field of decorations and floral decorations has further refined its skills. He has been engaged for years as a professor of floral art and designs set-ups for individuals and companies, collaborating with companies organizing events and ceremonies.
  • Francesca Romana Lombardi
    Francesca Romana Lombardi Event planner
    Francesca Romana Lombardi has been actively involved in the scenario of event planning for almost twenty years. After earning a degree and a master's degree in Marketing and Business Communication, he begins to dedicate his energies to the planning of important musical and sporting events. In 2003 he arrives in the USA, in Pittsburg, where he attends a Wedding Planner course with Richard Merkel. After returning to Italy, she began a career in the sector and successfully inaugurated the company organizing weddings and events Wedding Style & Design.


  • The strong point of the lessons was to have wisely tackled the theory before putting us to work and the great freedom that was granted to us in the realization of the compositions: we did not have to recreate a facsimile, but we gave life to something really original. I was thrilled to be able to work with so many types of flowers.

    Lara B. - 35 years, Vimercate (MB)
  • I am very satisfied with the training path followed. The notions received were many, so I congratulate the teachers who were able to transmit them in "short" time. The final day was wonderful: my project took shape.

    Luciano G. - 40 years, Bergamo
  • I am fully satisfied with the whole training course. The competence of the teachers is very high.

    Silvana V. - 41 years, Borgo a Buggiano
  • I followed the course with very professional teachers who followed us at all stages. I am very satisfied and I learned a lot.

    Daniela S. - 42 years, Rome
  • The day with Maya De Roo allowed me to understand the proportions within a composition. She was an excellent teacher and was able to transmit safety in carrying out the work.

    Claudio R. - 32 years, Rome
  • I would like to underline the extreme professionalism, friendliness and helpfulness of the teacher Daniele Gori, together with the immense love that nourishes for the profession.

    Alessandra F. - 30 years, Florence
  • The teachers have shown to have a great professionalism and competence. I'm really satisfied with the whole course.

    Lucia S. - 31 years, Verona
  • Happy to have undertaken this experience. Teachers very prepared and available to listen and understand our needs.

    Diego S. - 46 years, Cagliari

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