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Visual Merchandising

Milan, 23 / 28 September 2019 Rome, 14 / 19 October 2019 Bologna, 13 / 18 January 2020

Become a visual merchandiser

Do you want to become a visual merchandiser?
The Visual Merchandising Specialization Course IDI is a full-immersion professional training course that will allow you to learn the window dressing technique, the theory and methods of setting up a store and the most refined techniques of visual composition and sensory marketing.

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Visual merchandising

Milan - Rome - Bologna

What you will learn:

Basics of visual merchandising

Visual communication

The psychology of color

The point of sale


Display of the sales point

Buying as an emotional experience

The training process

Visual Merchandising course

The objective of the Visual Merchandising Specialization Course IDI is to create complete professionals in the field of visual and fashion design, able to design exhibition spaces, shop windows and concept stores, with the aim of orienting the purchasing behavior of the end customer. Maximizing the profitability of the display areas of a store is possible through the skilful arrangement of products in space and with a play of light and shadow that enhances and highlights the brand's strengths.
The purchase of a product, particularly in the fashion industry, is an action that generates aemotional and sensorial experience. If the first visual impact is positive, the client's mood will positively influence the shopping experience, leading to one of his own retention and the potential return for subsequent purchases. Customers constantly change, as well as the needs and problems of consumption and purchase; the same products are renewed, especially in the world of fashion design, not counting the communication initiatives of the competition. For this adapt the strategy promptly of a point of sale is of fundamental importance. The visual figure is in charge of managing this constant change, anticipating or following the current trends from time to time, given that the marketing strategies commercial purposes aimed at increasing sales pass mainly through the visual and sensory communication.
Involving synergistically all the senses of the buyer, influencing and persuading it to purchase, inform and propose with determination: these are the axes that can not miss the successful visual merchandiser, which often has a background characterized by a passion for design and for communication, or that followed fashion or interior design courses.

Job opportunities

In an increasingly competitive market, to face competition and increase sales, many companies rely on a visual merchandising expert.
Il fashion visual can work on the design of a brand, like window dresser in individual businesses and points of sale - mainly in fashion - or in service companies specialized in outfitting, in large retail outlets and finally as freelancers. In the course of a career in this area it is possible to become sector visual, which deals with a specific merchandise niche; visual designer, who works closely with graphic designers and web designers to manage the online presence of a brand and increase public engagement, website visits and newsletter subscriptions, through a high level of visual communication. You can also reach the position of visual manager, a managerial figure with the task of coordinating and supervising the work of an entire visual merchandiser team on behalf of a brand or company.
They are preferential selection criteria of candidates: title of degree (even three years); Great knowledge of the English language; predisposition to contact with the public.

Topics Covered

Basics of Visual merchandising
  • Definitions and phases
  • Know-how and communication
  • The objective consumer
  • Strategic and sensory marketing
Visual communication
  • Image communication: persuasion, suggestion
  • Direct and indirect references to decorative symbols
  • Image and personality of the sales point
The Psychology of color
  • Color: psychological, physical and cultural factors at the point of sale
The point of sale
  • The semiotics of the sales point
  • Origins, characteristics and evolutions
  • Elements of construction and communication: decompression area, entrance focus, focal points, display points, mirrors, cash desk, fitting rooms
  • Mono-brands, multi-brands, flagships, concept stores, boutiques and free standing stores, temporary stores, pop up stores, guerrilla stores, supermarkets
  • Definition and language
  • Structure elements: construction, psychology and communication
  • Focal point: positioning, types of construction, function
  • Depth and balance of the symmetrical and asymmetrical composition
Display of the sales point
  • The wall: definition, technical constructions and levels of reading
  • Horizontal and vertical display: construction, psychology and reading
  • Clothing display hanging and folded: construction rules, strategies, reading
Buying as an emotional experience
  • Visual, tactile, auditory, olfactory, gustatory factors
  • Shopping experience and profitability

Teachers and course locations:

Enrica Melotto: Milan, Rome, Bologna
Gianfranco Giacoma Caire: Milan, Rome
Zaira Capone: Milan, Bologna
Alessandro Maria Polito: Milan

Programme Stages

  • Preliminary lessons: texts + online platform
  • Classroom phase: 48 hours
  • Project work: realization of an individual project
  • Stage of internship: traineeship of 200 hours at partner companies throughout the country
  • Max. Participants: 25

How to apply

  • Fill out the information request form and we will contact you within a few days. In the selection of candidates will be considered the school and work CV, in addition to the motivational letter produced; it is possible to support the candidacy with a portfolio of previous works. Considering these elements, the examining board will communicate the result of the selection and admission to the Course / Master, by submitting the registration form.


  • Opportunity of financing the enrollment fee;
  • Professional orientation meeting during the classroom stage;
  • CV video realization during full-immersion;
  • CV revision and updating for sending it to companies in the design sector at the end of the training process;
  • Reports of accommodation facilities in areas adjacent to the venue of the classroom stage.



  • Enrica Melotto
    Enrica Melotto Visual Merchandiser
    Enrica Melotto has over 20 years of experience in the field of Visual Merchandising as a freelance consultant, as a teacher and a true discipline strategist. The multidisciplinary perspective and the strong passion for this sector allow it to be constantly updated on the evolution of Visual Merchandising and active in the fashion sector, or wherever its expertise can be applied. He has collaborated with Yves Saint Laurent, Celine and other big brands.
  • Gianfranco Giacoma Caire
    Gianfranco Giacoma Caire Visual Marketing expert
    Among the greatest experts in Italy of Visual Merchandising, Gianfranco Giacoma Caire is the author of the book Visual Merchandising: mirror and soul of the sales point. A great expert in communication and marketing, among the many brands for which he has made available his experience, let's remember Rinascente, Glenfield, No Limits, Parah, Mattel, L'Oreal, Maybelline, Max Mara, Emmelunga, The Corriere della Sera ed Apple.
  • Zaira Capone
    Zaira Capone Visual Merchandising trainer
    Graduated in Fashion Design at the Milan Polytechnic, she worked as a stylist for several television programs, editorials and advertising campaigns. Retail Visual Merchandiser for the Mango flagship store in Milan and Supervisor in VM Italia. Visual Merchandising Trainer expert in the preparation of Area Manager VM, Store Visual and Window Dressers. He has also worked for Desigual and currently for Geox, managing the interiors and showcases of 96 points of sale in the north of Italy, both direct and franchised.
  • Zippitelli Piermarino
    Zippitelli Piermarino Designer and Advertising
    Expert in visual communication, Piermarino Zippitelli deals with marketing and communication for about 30 years. Creative Director of the Zippitelli ADV and Creativiassociati, has collaborated as visual merchandiser for Swatch, Tissot and Music Store Ricordi. Consultant for the management of interior exhibition spaces and showcases. Responsible for the preparation of art exhibitions in Italy and abroad. Many of his productions in prestigious museum locations and art galleries in Rome, Milan, London, Zurich, Lugano, New York. He has been marketing professor at the Faculty of Communication Sciences in Bari. He teaches visual communication in private training institutions.
  • Alessandro Maria Polito
    Alessandro Maria Polito Visual Designer
    After his studies in Industrial and Product Design and a Masters in Fashion Merchandising, Alessandro Maria Polito became more and more aware of himself in the Visual Design world. An eclectic professional, he is currently Visual designer at Amp Visual Consulting, where he deals with ideation, design, styling and organization of the image of the point of sale intended as a communication space for the product through the creation of skilful displays that aim to enhance the value of the maximum the brand, following a path that goes from the analysis of the product to the idea. Communication and marketing expert, he collaborated with Replay, Stone Island, CP Company, Meltin 'Pot, Antinori group. Set designer for music videos by artists such as Sud Sound System and Negramaro, always engaged in a work that he himself likes to define a constant "work in progress".


  • I was delighted with the professionalism and expertise of all three teachers, whom I thank for the wonderful training experience.

    Maria Giovanna L. - 20 years, Syracuse
  • The lesson was full of food for thought and suggestions, the topics were treated in a clear and comprehensive.

    Giada V. - 27 years, Cesena
  • The lessons are interesting, the teachers available and prepared. I believe that carrying out the master's degree on the construction site was a great support for the theoretical lessons.

    Letizia R. - 28 years
  • I am extremely satisfied with the way in which the teachers have dealt with the various points of the program: clear and exhaustive even in answering my questions!

    Francesco I. - 25 years, Agrigento
  • The course was well organized and certainly interesting, with teachers who are true professionals in the field.

    Rosalba A. - 29 years, Calatafimi Segesta (TP)
  • I was very happy to have met Enrica and been able to take part in her classes! Very satisfied with the topics covered and the student - teacher relationship. I thank!

    Chiara M. - 28 years, Valmorea (CO)
  • The course was very stimulating and above all well aimed on what is the professional field of visual merchandising.

    Giulia, M. - 25 years, Sora (FR)
  • Figures of highly professional teachers! Interesting both the practical and the theoretical aspects, it's a pity that it's finished! A sincere compliment also to the patience and availability of our tutors, who accompanied us during the project work phase.

    Sara P. - 30 years, Rome

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