Specialization course in

Wedding Flower Design

Rome, 4 - 6 November 2019 SOLD OUT , Roma, 28 – 30 gennaio 2020

Become a wedding flower designer

Do you want to become a wedding flower designer?
The Specialization Course in Wedding Flower Design IDI is a full-immersion training course that will allow you to learn advanced techniques of floral design and composition applied to the wedding sector.

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wedding flower design


What you will learn:

The meaning of flowers in the wedding

Brides & flowers

The wedding bouquet

Bridal and bridesmaid hairstyles

Flowers for him too

The decorations for the car

Wedding flower for the church

Wedding flower for the reception

The estimate

The training process

Specialization course in Wedding Flower Design

On the day of the fateful yes, more and more "employees" at wedding planning are called and wanted to design an event that proves to be impeccable in every aspect. The floral arrangements of the ceremony and reception, the bouquet and other floral elements therefore take on a fundamental role in marriage, often as real protagonists. It is here that the figure of the Flower Designer becomes one of the most requested, having to deal with wisdom, elegance and taste, down to the smallest detail, the preparation of various elements placed throughout the day and at every stage of the ceremony and reception. Through the conscious use of the floral element, the floral designer creates harmony of shapes and colors, enhances the visual and olfactory perception of the present, transforming the atmosphere and adding value to the event under many aspects.

Job opportunities

The specialization in Wedding Flower Design It is addressed to all florists, flowers designers, wedding planners and enthusiasts of the sector who wish to develop specialized skills in the field of wedding flower design, where the florist / designer has the opportunity to work side by side with wedding planners, photographers and videos makers who make the most of floral decorative art, with the common goal of generating an unforgettable emotional experience for the participants.

Topics Covered

Wedding flowers
  • Meaning of flowers in marriage
  • Hairstyles for the bride and bridesmaid
  • The decorations for the car
  • The estimate
Brides & Flowers
  • The glamorous, romantic, classical, modern and boémienne bride
The bride's bouquet
  • Composition techniques
  • Formal, undrilled bouquet
  • Bouquet with exposed stems
  • Bouquet in modern style
Flowers for him too
  • The boutonniere: how to coordinate it with the groom's dress and the bride's bouquet
Wedding flower for the church
  • The floral decorations for the ceremony
  • Rice cones
  • The wedding ring cushion
Wedding flower for the reception
  • Floral decorations for the reception location
  • The centerpieces
  • The tableau de mariage
  • Placeholders
  • The confectioner
  • The wedding cake

Programme Stages

  • Preliminary lessons: teaching materials
  • Classroom phase: 24 hours
  • Max. Participants: 15

How to apply

  • Download the registration form or fill in the information request form with your details and we will contact you within a few working days. In the selection of candidates will be considered the school and work CV, in addition to the motivational letters produced. You can support your candidacy with a portfolio of previous jobs and projects. Considering all these elements, the examining board will communicate the result of the selection and admission to the Course / Master, submitting the registration form ready for completion and submission.


  • Opportunity of financing the enrollment fee;
  • Reporting of accommodation facilities in areas adjacent to the venue of the classroom phase.



  • Daniele Gori
    Daniele Gori Florist and Flower designer
    Son of art, Daniele Gori develops his passion for floral art from a young age, trying to spread the use of flowers as a fundamental element of design. Graduated as a European florist, he adheres to the Cedrif (Design Center and Floral Research) and enriches his professional training with courses and seminars held by great masters of European floral art. The over twenty years experience in the field of decorations and floral decorations has further refined its skills. He has been engaged for years as a professor of floral art and designs set-ups for individuals and companies, collaborating with companies organizing events and ceremonies.
  • Francesca Romana Lombardi
    Francesca Romana Lombardi Event planner
    Francesca Romana Lombardi has been actively involved in the scenario of event planning for almost twenty years. After earning a degree and a master's degree in Marketing and Business Communication, he begins to dedicate his energies to the planning of important musical and sporting events. In 2003 he arrives in the USA, in Pittsburg, where he attends a Wedding Planner course with Richard Merkel. After returning to Italy, she began a career in the sector and successfully inaugurated the company organizing weddings and events Wedding Style & Design.

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