Intensive Course in Lighting Design Events and Theatre

Intensive Course in Lighting Design Events and Theatre


Training course

In recent years, the figure of the Lighting Designer has become of paramount importance for any design project. The experience and expertise of the Lighting Designer are used not only in the field of lighting design, but also in the service of communication. One only has to think of theatres, museums or events, where light is fundamental for conveying emotions or for the construction of the overall image.

The objective of the Italian Design Institute's Intensive Course in Lighting Design Events and Theatre is to acquire the industry skills necessary for lighting design for cultural and exhibition spaces by applying them in a real-life context.

Do you want to become a lighting designer?

IDI's Intensive Course in Lighting Design Events and Theatre is a full-immersion course that will enable you to learn advanced design techniques in the arrangement of light sources, to create a skilful play of light and shadow and emphasise the key elements of the surrounding environment.

What you will learn

  • The Language of Light
  • Theatrical lighting
  • Light in temporary design
  • Characteristics of new LED technologies
  • Natural light and artificial light
  • Lighting console hints
  • Using Vectorworks Design Suite software
  • Preparing a lighting design and lighting plan by practising in a real theatre context


  • The language of light in temporary design: exhibition, event and theatre design
  • First didactic lecture with theoretical knowledge and information on the language of light
  • Lighting solutions and the production of lighting effects
  • The 10 modes of scenic lighting solutions
  • Video projection of fashion shows and stage sets: design guidelines
  • Quality of natural and artificial light
  • Projectors and lighting techniques in events and theatre
  • Characteristics of LED sources
  • Natural light and artificial light
  • Basic Light Design classroom exercise on 'Designing light on a stage'.
  • The operating principles of a lighting console
  • Concepts common to all lighting control surfaces and workflows
  • Programming and executing a basic lighting show using the software MagicQ by Chamsys
  • Examples of interfacing with third-party previz software
  • Designing and executing a lighting show using software Vectorworks Design Suite
  • Lessons in theatre to apply and concretise the work being designed using the software Vectorworks Design Suite
  • By registering, you can take advantage of the temporary thirty-day professional licence of the Vectorworks Design Suite software.


Job opportunities

The Intensive Course is aimed at architects, engineers, lighting technicians, designers and graduates in the visual arts, music, performing arts and fashion disciplines

The Lighting Designer specialising in events and theatre can work as a freelancer, collaborate with companies in the events sector, with architecture and design studios, with lighting shops, with museums and theatres, as well as in the technical offices of public administrations.

Phases of the route

Preparatory lessons: textbooks + online platform
Online lesson phase: 20 hours in the virtual classroom (5 meetings of 4 hours) + 16 hours face-to-face in Milan (2 meetings of 8 hours)

Project work: 45 days to develop a lighting design project following the outline given by the lecturer.


Possibility of financing the enrolment fee Video CV editing and updating for dissemination to companies in the sector at the end of the training course in the candidate's region of preference.

How to apply

Fill out the information request form and we will contact you within a few days. In the selection of candidates the scholastic CV, work experience and motivational letter will be considered. It is possible and advisable to send a portfolio of previous works. The examining commission, considering these elements, will communicate the result of the selection and the admission to the Course.

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Luca Solazzo was born in Rome, where he graduated in Architecture at La Sapienza University, with a thesis in Industrial Design entitled "The places of the break in the workplace". In 2005 he obtained a II level Master in Lighting Design. He dedicates himself to research and experimentation, participating in national and international design seminars, as well as in several architecture and design competitions, including the winning project of the National Design Competition on the offices of the future "Ideal Office". Professor of architecture at the La Sapienza universities in Rome and Camerino in Ascoli. He has participated in various television broadcasts on the theme of interior architecture, including "Case e Stili" (Alice TV channel) and "Work in Progress" (Sky TV channel). As a freelancer, a designer and project manager he works alongside that of designer, designing and making furnishing accessories, some of which are sold in specialized stores. Many of his works have been the subject of publications in major sector magazines including: the Ark, Ottagono, Abitare, Inside Quality Design, Projects, Ambiente Casa, Casa 99 Idee. Founder of the study Luca Solazzo Architettura and Design in 2000. He is currently active in the field of interior architecture and in residential and commercial research and design, in Rome and throughout the national territory.



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