Course in Graphic Design & Personal Branding

Course in Graphic Design & Personal Branding


Training course

The aim of IDI's training course in Graphic Design & Personal Branding is to train professionals in the field of graphic design with the necessary skills to also work as Personal Branding.

During the training course, under the guidance of experienced lecturers in the field, they will learn the necessary notions to approach graphics software, using it to design logos, social pages, portfolios and much more.

They will also acquire strategies to increase and implement the customer base.

The student of the Graphic Design & Personal Branding course will put into practice the skills acquired in the classroom phase already during the project workfocused on innovation and consolidation of acquired notions.

The objective of the course is to provide software skills useful to train designers with all the necessary skills to increase their Graphic Design & Personal Branding competencies with a focus on the management and expansion of customer packages.


What you will learn

The candidate will learn to use graphics software for the purpose of managing and creating a customer portfolio combined with the graphic design of the:

  • logo
  • Social page
  • Graphic Cv
  • Portfolio
  • Coordinated graphics linked to the Brand.


Personal branding and customer management:

  • Defining the market
  • Managing and finding new customers
  • Understanding the economic value of your project
  • Co-ordinating communication between brand and customer
  • How to manage a Project Brief
  • Creating a detailed and effective quotation for Brands
  • Planning work schedules and changes
  • Concept of lateral thinking
  • Corporate communication case studies
  • How to create a winning portfolio and graphic CV
  • Comment and correction of one's graphic CV and/or portfolio
  • Hints of marketing related to personal branding
  • The Brand's 'secret weapons


Module 1 Illustrator and design:

  • Introduction to vector graphics
  • Colour methods (RGB -CMYK-HSB)
  • The Illustrator interface
  • Management of drawing boards
  • Using colour libraries and PANTONE colours
  • From sketch to vector
  • Defining and developing a Brand
  • Design and creation of logos and icons
  • Development of a logo aimed at personal branding
  • Choosing colours for a logo
  • Handling of vectors and Bézier curves
  • Composite paths and path processing
  • Shape-making tool
  • From sketch to vector
  • Tracing tool Image and dynamic painting
  • Recolour Graphics Tool
  • Cutout masks
  • Font management: font pairing and how to choose the correct font for a project
  • Perspective grid tool
  • Pattern creation and management for brand recognition
  • Designing coordinated personal branding graphics
  • Appearance window management
  • Fusion tool
  • Using Illustrator in the mobile version for tablets

Module 2 Photoshop and design:

  • Initial Settings
  • Layer selections and masks
  • Select subject
  • Rebuild tool based on content
  • Complex contours
  • Outline of an image to be included in a personal branding graphic
  • Adjustment levels
  • Vector contours
  • Vector masks
  • Creating branded social graphics
  • Colour correction
  • Perspective focus
  • Actions and automation
  • Using Phostoshop in the mobile version for tablets

Module 3 InDesign and design:

  • Setting up the document
  • Management of standard and fluid layouts
  • Page Management
  • Formatting the text
  • Insertion and management of linked images
  • Character and paragraph styles
  • Master pages used on personal branding graphic media
  • Creation of a product or service catalogue linked to the Brand
  • Interactivity and Branded Digital Publications
  • Insertion of buttons, forms and multimedia elements
  • Output: export and print

Job opportunities

The Italian Design Institute's Graphic Design & Personal Brandig course is designed for all those who wish to learn, with the help of software: Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, how to build and manage a brand image.

The Personal Branding Designer may collaborate with communication companies or work as a freelancer for companies or individuals.

Phases of the route

Propaedeutics: Books and e-learning platform
Classroom phase: 48 hours of lectures (Monday to Saturday)
Project work: 45 days to develop a project following the outline provided by the lecturer
Internship: 200 hours on regional territory


Possibility of financing the enrolment fee Video CV editing and updating for dissemination to companies in the sector at the end of the training course in the candidate's region of preference.

How to apply

Fill out the information request form and we will contact you within a few days. In the selection of candidates the scholastic CV, work experience and motivational letter will be considered. It is possible and advisable to send a portfolio of previous works. The examining commission, considering these elements, will communicate the result of the selection and the admission to the Course.

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