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Milano, 21- 26 Giugno 2021 - Blended

Do you want to become E- Commerce Stylist & Online Visual Merchandiser?
The E-Commerce Stylist & Online Visual Merchandiser Course is our training proposal aimed at developing an innovative course dedicated to E-Commerce and the cognitive path of digital platforms in fashion communication. The program represents an opportunity for different traditional fashion figures to draw on the knowledge and techniques required today to work in the web business sector.

What you will learn

  • Neuro Web Marketing
  • Visual Merchandising web
  • Store online e social media
  • Styling
  • Case study

Course program

Online Visual Merchandiser: a new professional figure.

Neuro Web Marketing: how emotions act on people's actions.

  • The impulse purchase in the offline store.
  • The application of suggestion and persuasion in the online store.

Visual Merchandising and Visual Merchandising Web: parallels between the traditional store and the online store.

  • Riconoscimento off e online.
  • Valori visivi: vetrina e homepage
  • Strategie sinergiche
  • Layout merceologico off e online.
  • Strategie degli assortimenti e sequenze tra lo store off e online
  • Favorire la comunicazione visiva dei reparti online
  • Far visitare l’intero store online
    - display off and online.
  • Applicazione delle tecniche mirate al display prodotto nello store online
  • Styling e fotografie
  • Schede prodotto
  • Storytelling
  • Strategie sinergiche tra lo store off e online
  • Fitting room off e online.
  • Informazionie e guide di supporto online
  • Fitting room interattivi
  • Commesso off e online.
  • Assistenza clienti: chat, FAQ, e-mail, telefono
  • Off and online promotion and loyalty.
  • Sinergie e differenze
  • Strategie e interazioni con i social media
  • -shopping cart and cash off and online.
  • Esperienza d’acquisto
  • Mantenere viva l’esperienza d’acquisto online
  • Packaging

Now, Universo, Diary, Editoriale: how, who and what they tell. Monobrand and Multibrand through the online store.

  • Brand Identity, Brand Image
  • Life style
  • Top of mind: how to reach the client's mind and heart

Synergies and strategies between the traditional store, the online store and social media.

  • How to bring customer flows to the platform
  • How to create a consumer experience
  • Temporary, Pop Up and Social Media: new spaces, formulas of experience and sales between offline stores, online and social media

Basic fundamentals

  • Styling: concept and evolutionary process.
  • Stylist: job description & skills.
  • Tipologia di Stylist: coorporate, freelance, editoriale, retail, cinema, Vip’s.
  • Styling Process: from the analysis of trends to the creation of images. Process phases: trend and style research, moodboards, shooting and post production.
  • L’evoluzione della moda attraverso i decenni: dagli anni 20’ fino agli anni 00’: analisi delle tendenze e categorie dello stile: casual wear, formal wear, evening wear, sports wear e derivati.

Styling influence in the creative process.

  • Before and after the show.

Styling 360°. Brand Identity & Brand Awareness.

Applicazione dello styling nella progettazione del Visual Merchandising

  • Creazione del set, window book & merchandising display.
  • L’introduzione al concetto del How To Wear It e la sua influenza nella trasformazione del Visual Display.

Visual Merchandiser & Stylist.

  • The interrelation between the two professional figures in the process of creating and communicating the product and the web identity.

Styling & e-commerce, Content Creation: The creation of images for the web.

  • Big e-commerce Platforms: Net-a-porter|Matches|Open Ceremony|Farfetch
  • E-commerce styling team Vs freelance Stylist. Specialization of the Stylist role.
  • Salable vs Editorial. Differences between the editorial image and the commercial images for the web.
  • Measurability of the business model.

Social Media: Instagram & e-commerce.

  • Influencers as sales tools through product placement.
  • Evolution in the path of reachability of a product.
  • E-commerce web sites Instagram Instagram: start up and new generations.

E-fashion examples.

  • Inditex: fast fashion upgrade
  • Gucci: the brand restyling through storytelling
  • Burberry: Tradition Innovation

Case study.

Job opportunities

Nowadays, professional figures are increasingly in demand for the Digital world. For those who come from an “off line” professional background, they need to be supported by experts in this rapidly growing business sector. For the fashion companies, and not only, large and small that are digital business is the future.
The course is aimed at web designers, content creators, fashion buyers, junior stylists and in-store stylists, fashion consultants, visual merchandisers, social media managers and all those interested in acquiring a series of skills in the reference sector.

Phases of the route

Lessons: teaching material
Lessons : 48h
Project work
Max. participants: 18

How to apply

Fill out the information request form and we will contact you within a few days. In the selection of candidates the scholastic CV, work experience and motivational letter will be considered. It is possible and advisable to send a portfolio of previous works. The examining commission, considering these elements, will communicate the result of the selection and the admission to the Course.


Possibility of financing for the registration fee;
Professional orientation meeting during the classroom phase;
Video CV creation during the full-immersion;
Revision and update of the CV;
Reports of accommodation facilities, in areas adjacent to the classroom.

Training course

E- Commerce Styling & Online Visual Merchandising Course

The Course in E-Commerce Styling & Online Visual Merchandising is a highly innovative and avant-garde training proposal dedicated to E-Commerce and the cognitive path of digital platforms in fashion communication. The program represents an opportunity for different traditional fashion figures to draw on the knowledge and techniques required today to work in the web business sector. In particular, the course focuses on the working methodology of two individual figures of the 3.0 era: Online Visual Merchandiser & E-Commerce Stylist. Today these two professionals already collaborate synergistically in the creation of images and in the definition of popular contents through a common visual language.
The training proposal also aims to offer an evolutionary path to those who have already achieved a specialization in Visual Merchandising.
The course will take place through theoretical lessons aimed at deepening the concepts of Styling and Visual merchandising applied to e-commerce. The theory will be accompanied by the analysis of case studies and by exercises aimed at the contents developed in the classroom. You will understand the value and influence of styling, the evolution of fashion, the main stages of the creative process, the application of the Neuro Web within the online store, visual communication techniques for the various types of stores, how to create a consumer experience at 360 ° for the consumer.

Our teachers

Carlos Gago Rodriguez

Dopo la sua Laurea in Advertising and Public Relations,  si specializza in Fashion Communication presso l’Istituto Marangoni di Milano. Presto...

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Enrica Melotto

Enrica Melotto

Enrica Melotto vanta un’esperienza di oltre 20 anni nel settore del Visual Merchandising come consulente freelance, come docente e vera...

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