Course in Wedding Flower Design

Course in Wedding Flower Design


Training course

For the wedding, more and more wedding planners are called and sought after to design a unique and unforgettable event. The floral arrangements of the ceremony and reception, the bouquet and the other floral elements take on a fundamental role in marriage, often as real protagonists. It is here that the figure of the Flower Designer becomes one of the most requested, having to take care with wisdom, elegance and taste. Through the conscious use of the floral element, the floral designer creates harmony of shapes and colors, enhances the visual and olfactory perception of the present, transforming the atmosphere and adding value to the event.

Do you want to become a wedding flower designer?

The IDI Course in Wedding Flower Design in Rome is a full-immersion training course that will enable you to learn advanced techniques of floral design and composition applied in the wedding industry

What you will learn

  • The meaning of flowers in the wedding
  • Theories and techniques of floral composition
  • Ligation, ironing and fixing techniques
  • Space and volume control
  • Brides & flowers
  • Flowers for the man
  • Wedding flower for the church
  • Wedding flower for the ceremony
  • Estimate



Wedding Flowers

  • Difference between Florist/Floral Designer
  • The meaning of flowers in marriage
  • The wedding theme


  • Trade fairs
  • Companies
  • Inspirational floral designer
  • Estimate

Brides & Flowers:

  • Styles:

The glamorous bride

The Romantic Bride

The Classic Bride

The Modern Bride

The Bohemian Bride

  • The sketch
  • Colour theory:

Harmonies and color contrasts, color properties, visual communication

The Bride's Bouquet:

  • Theories of composition
  • Formal Bouquet
  • Bouquet with exposed stems
  • Bouquet in modern style

Flowers for him:

  • La boutonnière:

How to match the groom's suit

How to coordinate it with the bride's bouquet


Wedding Flower for the church:

  • The floral decorations for the ceremony
  • How to present wedding rings
  • Fabrics and furnishings in the ceremony

Wedding Flower for the reception:

  • Space and volume control
  • Arrangements for the reception location
  • The centrepiece
  • The Kenzan
  • The mariage tableau
  • Mise en place with floral arrangements
  • How to present sugared almond
  • The Wedding Cake

Job opportunities

In the field of wedding flower design, the florist/designer has the opportunity to work side by side with wedding planners, photographers and video makers who make the most of the decorative floral art, with the common goal of generating an unforgettable emotional experience for the participants.


Phases of the route

Lessons: teaching material
Classroom phase: 32 hours
Internship phase: 200-hour internship at partner companies in the participant's region of interest


Possibility of financing the enrolment fee Video CV editing and updating for dissemination to companies in the sector at the end of the training course in the candidate's region of preference.

How to apply

Fill out the information request form and we will contact you within a few days. In the selection of candidates the scholastic CV, work experience and motivational letter will be considered. It is possible and advisable to send a portfolio of previous works. The examining commission, considering these elements, will communicate the result of the selection and the admission to the Course.

Course lecturers

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