Postgraduate course in Toys Design

Postgraduate course in Toys Design

C/O HEADU Mosciano Sant'Angelo

Training course

The Specialization Course in Toys Design aims to provide the basic tools of the Toys Designer’s craft. During the classroom phase the themes related to the initial phases of the project will be explored, the analysis of the forms, the choice of language, the contribution of mathematics in the games, and the prototyping and production of the product. The theoretical phase will be accompanied by exercises and workshops.
The goal of the Specialization Course is not only to learn a working method, but also to approach the world of childhood through the concept of a game and its representation.
The Toys Designer deals with the design and manufacture of toys. It is a highly specialized figure in that it designs products with particular attention to the world of education responding to the needs of contemporary society in continuous evolution.
The specialization course is aimed at designers, graphic designers, interior designers, architects, illustrators and educators.

The course will be held in Mosciano Sant'Angelo c/o

Do you want to be a toy designer?
The Specialization Course in Toys Design IDI is a full-immersion professional training course that aims to provide the basic tools of the Toys Designer’s craft.

What you will learn

  • How born a toy
  • Concept development
  • The study of mistakes as a creative experience for the children
  • How to prototype and create a toy
  • Mathematics applied to the toys


  • How to create a game with a team
  • Memory as the fuel of our creativity.
  • Shared gaming experiences to reflect on the ingredients needed for our project.
  • The fairy tale as a starting point and engine of the concept.
  • Shapes and colors inn fairy tale.
  • Analysis of basic geometric shapes.
  • Analysis of primary colors.
  • The shape and color applied to mathematics
  • The breakdown
  • Logical concepts are learnt through the game.
  • Union and separation.
  • Opposites, creative error, deformation
  • The toy as imitation of the adult world.
  • Prototyping and creation of a product.
  • Practical Practice.
Partner and special guest of the course, the writer and illustrator for childhood GABRIELE CLIMA, author of books translated into 15 languages. With “THE SUN BETWEEN OUR FINGERS" won the Andersen Prize 2017 for the best book for children over 15.

Job opportunities

The toy designers, usually, work within the design departments of companies in the sector, as freelance professionals, in specialized design studios or as consultants for companies.

Phases of the route

Preliminary lessons: teaching material
Classroom phase: 32 hours
Project work: 45 days to develop a toys design project in all its phases following the outline issued by the lecturer.


Possibility of financing the enrolment fee Video CV editing and updating for dissemination to companies in the sector at the end of the training course in the candidate's region of preference.

How to apply

Fill out the information request form and we will contact you within a few days. In the selection of candidates the scholastic CV, work experience and motivational letter will be considered. It is possible and advisable to send a portfolio of previous works. The examining commission, considering these elements, will communicate the result of the selection and the admission to the Course.

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