Bioarchitecture: Nautilus House, life in a shell


A shell-shaped house to live a life that reminds one of the sound of the sea, even when life itself makes too much noise: renamed Nautilus House, is located in Naucalpannot far from Mexico City, and was designed by architect Javier Senosiain. Realised in 2006, it still represents one of the most important examples of bioarchitecture.

The Nautilus House: an example of organic architecture

Its shape is reminiscent of the Nautilus, which is a special kind of mollusc. A truly unusual beauty that represents the perfect combination of architectural requirements and respect for nature.
A harmony, that between man and mother earth, often difficult to achieve but insistently pursued by the veryorganic architecture, the modern branch of architecture that aims to find and achieve a balance between what is built and the natural environment. Like the dance of two bodies entering into symbiosis, through a graceful, gradual and ultimately total integration.

The history and construction of Nautilus House

The interior of the house, inspired by the seabed, is surrounded by walls enriched with coloured glass which, reflecting the sunlight, creates a play of colours that puts on a show for the eyes and soul. The rooms are decorated with vivid vegetation, giving the immediate impression of living in the open air.
Traditional materials such as cement, concrete and wood were used to build the Nautilus House, juxtaposing them with ecological and recycled zero-impact materials such as ferro-cement, which is fireproof and can be moulded like clay.

The owners of the facility are Magali e Fernando Mayorga together with their two sons. A few years ago, tired of the mundane and traditional life, they decided they wanted to invest in a new dream. A future sustainablein the name of the relationship with nature, origins, roots, the mother of all mothers: the earth.

[Photos by Arquitecturaorganica]

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