Kobi Levi's shoes, not just fashion accessories but true design objects


[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Sono il frutto della fantasia e dell’estro dello shoes designer israeliano Kobi Levi. We are talking about the world's strangest shoes, bizarre creations to adorn a woman's feet and legs. It is the artist himself who shows them off on his .where you can get lost in the shapes and colours of shoes that are true works of art. If you think fantasy has a limit, then you have not yet met this truly exceptional shoe designer. Here are some of his weird and funny designs, masterpieces of creativity and 'engineering'.

Like birds, with wings on their feet!

Inspired by exotic nature and the plumage of flamingos are these pink shoes with a heel reminiscent of the typical posture of these migratory birds and a toe that recalls their beaks. And there are also swans to remind us that women are beautiful, ethereal and delicate creatures.

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And for those with a tribal and somewhat battle-hardened soul, here are the slingback heeled flip-flops.

Let's go to the park

Like in a film by Tim Burton shoes in the shape of a slide. A real fantasy game for Kobi Leviharmonising everything with bright colours. Because creativity is expression, colour, ingenuity! And again golf balls, violins, legendary dragons, harps, animals and objects of all kinds become imaginative yet comfortable footwear. Because the weirdest shoes in the world by Kobi Levi are true masterpieces with precise and considered study and technique behind them. One only has to visit his website to realise the long work behind each of his creations.

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Work and technique learned through years of training and experience are the main ingredients for becoming a true shoes designer like him. The rest is history, or rather fantasy; because the world is for Kobi a reason and source of inspiration, because he himself makes everyday life a universe of microcosms from which to draw, as an inexhaustible source of stories and emotions to reproduce on his shoes. And if Cinderella loses her shoe in the fairytale in which she is the protagonist, with Kobi Levi every fairytale becomes itself a shoe to wear. Play, flair, colour, genius and unruliness and then again fantasy dimension taken to the extreme, without losing balance. Wearing to believe!

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